Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So...somebody pointed out to me yesterday that my Boston marathon time automatically qualifies me for the NYC marathon in November. It was funny because I always thought it would be my half marathon time that would qualify me (i'm a couple of seconds off), not my marathon time! A while back I entered the lottery for this race but soon regretted it once I realized it cost $250 the whole flight down and all that. I think I have a friend of a friend I could stay with but it's still a little pricey for me...especially after I think of the money I still managed to spend in Boston even though I had a cheap flight and a free place to stay!

I have been very lucky as I just finished doing my taxes this week and discovered I actually get a good return this year...big enough to cover my race fees for Transrockies...that race is just insanely expensive and I believe the fees are due in June. Fewf, I'm lucky my new job took out too much income tax this year! I have 2 days to make the decision on NYC as apparently if you want to apply using your qualification time you have until May 1st to do so.

Anyhow, while i'd love love love to do it...I think it's probably best I hold off on that one this year...however I suppose if they pick my name out of the lottery I'll have to do it. You can defer to next year but you still have to pay your race fee for this year as well as next year! $500 US for a marathon is not worth it! Anyhow, my friend and I have big plans to run the Okanagan marathon over Thanksgiving weekend and I do think a road trip to Kelowna would be pretty it's a fast and super flat course!

Running has been ok since the marathon...well i've only gotten out on 2 runs so far to be honest but they were ok. I decided to meet up with the RR gang and the other guys that ran Boston on sunday morning...we ended up doing 25 km...sigh. Probably not the best thing to be doing on shredded quads! They were surprisingly good for most of the run but hurting towards the end! Yesterday I got out for a light and easy 8km along the Bow and got caught in a mini snowstorm...lovely! Luckily it didn't accumulate and today is the beginning of a sunny and warming trend coming to Calgary. I'm excited for the 14 degree highs we're getting this weekend...running in shorts again for sure!

I feel like i've been super busy lately and obviously haven't posted a race report for Boston...I'm sure i'll get around to it eventually. Sunday night I rocked out to The Killers at the Saddledome and i've been exhausted ever since! But what a great concert!!

Hope everyone is having some good training and managing to avoid the Swine Flu! This dude at work just informed us today that his roommate went to Mexico and isn't back yet or something. Awesome, please catch the Swine from your stupid ass roommate and bring it to work...can't wait.

Till next time...


  1. Good luck on the decision for NYC. I'm sorry to say that all my races are $$$ dependent this year too. If I can drive there and camp (and race), I'm in, otherwise...maybe next time.

  2. You are right, that is so much money for a marathon. It is THE New York City Marathon, so you want to do it at least once, but TransRockies sounds so much more interesting.

  3. Deb,you dont have to run 100 days in a marathon leadup,BUT running everyday makes you really strong,as long as you just run easy on days after long runs,speedwork.I just enjoy running as well & It is cool to say that ya ran 100 days in a row.A couple of my friends have done it & it just becomes a great way to challenge yourself & stay fit!

    Okanagan marathon is great!I ran it 10 years in a row ,then took last year off,as I did iman AZ.The course is not flat(unless they have changed it,again)It is a well run race though & a good fall marathon destination.Email me at my link if you would like to chat pre-calgary.later,Cam.

  4. I so hope you decide to do NYC... I am so jealous if you do it.