Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I gotta feeling...

I feel like a runner again! I have been running regularly for the past 3 weeks now and things are great. I'm slowly building up some longer runs again with doing a 13km and a 15km the last two Sundays. Man, these used to be short runs, it's crazy. I can't wait until it feels that way again! For now i'm just building up for the Calgary half marathon on May 29th. I registered for it yesterday and i'm excited. I haven't raced a half marathon in a few years now so i'm pumped...and it's a nice shorter race to break me back into the racing scene. Then it'll be all trail all the time all summer long! :) I'm stating right now a goal to break 1:30...let's see what happens shall we?!

Yesterday we got a huge dump of snow that covered a lot of ice we had and it was slippppery (i.e. fell down while walking Logan!). So last night I headed to the gym and the treadmill...which i'm actually not minding as much as I used to. I played with the incline throughout my run for some hill work and then ran my last mile as fast as my little legs could go...they've still got a pretty quick turnover and i think i'd like to see that on camera cuz sometimes it feels like they could fly right off. But yeah, a quick turnover is gooood...so i'm going to appreciate my short legs a little more for that reason :) Now I just gotta turn them into IRON baby!