Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Time for some 50 mile action!

This weekend I'll be running my 2nd ever 50 mile race - the Fast Trax Ultra. I have no idea what to expect as I keep telling myself it'll be easy because it's very low in way of elevation. It's a looped course of 10km so i'll be running that 8 times. The loop totals about 300ft of elevation for a total of 2400 ft over the whole course. My only ever 50 mile that I ran last year totalled 10,000ft of elevation so I keep saying, oh this race is going to be "easy" in comparison. I'm feeling way too relaxed about running 50 miles....that's a damn long way to run...regardless of the amount of elevation. I want to have a good day out there, enjoy myself and hopefully get a bit of confidence from it to help towards the Death Race in 7 short weeks!