Monday, March 30, 2009

3 weeks to go...

...And the countdown continues...I think I officially started counting down when I had 10 weeks to go haha. My god how time flies! I had a great weekend of running and after next weekend goes by I'll officially be settling into a nice taper!!! Lucky for me I had friday off so it kind of feels like i've been off forever even though it flew by so quickly!

Friday was a pretty easy friend Chloe and I went climbing and did some pretty hard was not hard to tell I hadn't climbed in a month as I was quite sore on saturday! Friday afternoon it was so beautiful out that instead of taking my dog Logan on a walk I figured I'd take him on a nice easy run...I was impressed...he kept a good pace and we got in 6.5km. It was a fairly warm and sunny afternoon and those huskies get hot pretty quick so he was doing a ton of diving in the snow when we got home to cool off!

Saturday was a pretty great day despite the cool, drizzly type Newfoundland weather. My friend Jeff and I did a super slow and easy 18km. I haven't gone quite that slow in a long time so my body actually hated me after's funny how I can feel worse after a really slow run than after my longer slow runs...makes total sense eh? I finished off a good saturday with a couple of hours of rockband at my friend's house later that evening...I can't get enough of that game...I love the drums and actually end up with blisters sometimes haha.

Sunday morning...whoa...i wake up and look out the window...wondering if it's somehow last sunday morning all over was identical...a ton of snow had fallen over night once again...and I had to go run 32km in it...once again! I sucked it up and made my way down to the RR to join the group and get it overwith. It turned out to be a much harder run than I anticipated...the 3:30 group was crazy and our pace was a good 20-30 seconds faster than my normal slow runs...and towards the end...we were getting into race pace! I figured I'd just go with way I was getting dropped! Some miracle happened and after about 15km I felt fantastic...i wonder if it was the coke flavored shot bloks I had? It was my first time trying that flavor and while I don't enjoy drinking coke...they totally rocked! Anyways, great great running this weekend and I'm finally starting to feel confident going into Boston.

It seems that pretty much everyone I talk to has this perception that oh you worked so hard to qualify for Boston...just go enjoy it and don't worry about the time etc. Sorry folks...but my intention is to enjoy it but freakin rock it...I've worked harder training for this race than any other marathon and I intend to do well! I can't wait!

Thanks for the comments and support's totally motivating and i'm getting super pumped! :)

Here's to another great week of training!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good-bye Debbie Downer! :)

Well the weekend has come and's almost the middle of the week and I haven't had much to i've been just enjoying some good blog reading! Last week was a really downer for me and I wasn't enjoying running at all....a combination of lots of training and poor weather had brought me down! I did manage to get out of my funk on the weekend though...a really great 15km run in shorts on saturday in super beautiful weather....and a pretty great 32km run on sunday despite the 25cm of snow that fell overnight...ack!

I'm sorry but Calgary weather...not so different from Newfoundland...really! I thought I left that craziness behind me a long time ago :) Anyhow, I was extremely happy as I trudged my way through the snow from my house to the path along the Bow to discover that the pathway had already been was shortly after 8am and they had already cleared the path!!! I can't express how much I love the guys that clear it for us...we're very lucky to have that. I lived in Ottawa for 2 years and they also have a fabulous trail system around the city...but it does not get cleared in winter!

Anyhow, I continue to feel the effects of tough training but I know it'll be over soon... 2 weeks to go till taper...thank goodness. My body is so darn tired the past couple of weeks that i've had to take 2 rest days off in a row after my weekends of running. I don't mind though as it usually helps me have a good hill workout on wednesdays and I always feel better as the weekend approaches and I look forward to some long running!

In non-running news...I got tickets to my most favorite band playing on April 4th...Hey Rosetta!!! (they just happen to be from Newfoundland cool is that?!) Here is one of my favorite songs...

Thursday, March 19, 2009


...that's my bib number for Boston folks! I'm getting super duper excited now! 4 weeks and 4 days till race day! This week has been rough since Sunday's race...i've been tired...actually pretty exhausted really and haven't felt like that in a long time...and i've felt a huge lack in motivation!!

Yesterday I still felt really tired but tried to snap myself out of it...had a good weights workout at lunch and then last night...hills! Ack! I hate hills but it's very necessary! I was supposed to go with the running room last night which is way more motivating than doing a hill workout by yourself but they were doing a 10km time trial. The heck with that! I ran a balls out 10km on sunday!

So it was in fact hills by myself afterall...9x500m hills to be exact! I kept telling myself just get to 6 and we'll see how you feel about the other 3. Well I managed to get all 9 in...I was so proud of myself because they were killer! But it was such a beautiful evening...6 degrees and that definitely helped! Today and tomorrow they're calling for sunny and 13! I can't wait!

I love close to the weekend!
Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm tired!

What a weekend...and my body is clearly telling me that it needs a break after it so i've decided that today is going to be my second day off in a row to help it out :) I feel like kind of a wimp because I wonder how I'll ever train for an ironman if i'm this tired after 3 big workout days....but I digress....

I had a 3 day weekend so friday I decided to get a good swim in since I knew it would be relatively empty during the middle of the day. I made up a pretty decent workout and covered 4000 m. I was super proud of myself and felt great afterwards...I really am getting back into the swing of things swimming wise...I love it!

Because Sunday was the St.Patrick's Day 10km race, I decided to do my long run on saturday...normally I wouldn't do this before a race....i'm not crazy!!! But I did have to get it in as there's only a couple of more long runs to go before Boston! Saturday was a beautiful day and I had a really fantastic 32km and held a great pace!

Sunday - race day...I woke up feeling pretty decent...not sore from the long run...but couldn't help thinking, am I really stupid for racing this today? Why don't I just take it easy and not go balls out for a change? The simple answer to that is this...i'm super competitive...i don't deny it, i can't help it...i love to race and i love to see how fast I can go and if i can get a PB! Anyhow...from the very start...1 km into the race I immediately thought uh oh...this is going to be a nightmare...and then immediately I always think why do I register for 10kms...give me a half or full marathon any day...10 kms are bloody HARD!

I couldn't stop looking at my garmin and cursing the pace I was at so eventually I just stopped looking...after 5km I felt just awful but my watch told me otherwise and I was like...whoa, if I just double that time i'll get a sweet 10km time...and that's exactly what I did! I don't know how I held on but I managed to run a PB by about 10 seconds and finished in 42:30...I was super happy...and then of course I wondered how fast I could have gone had I not run 32km the day before! :) The overall results aren't posted yet but i'm super curious to find out how I did! I'll keep you posted :)

Anyhow, i'm going to try and enjoy my second day off even though it's giving me a little anxiety and I really wish I was out running right now instead of blogging! I've learned over the years though that it's always best to listen to your body so as much as i don't want to i'd better do it or pay dearly down the road! Hopefully i'll feel much better tomorrow...just in time for a tough hill workout!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i'm feeling it...

...feeling the warmth that's slowly warming up out there...slowly but surely...we started at -26 this morning and it's now -14...on our way to -8 for the day and I think above zero tomorrow!

I know I's getting old hey? I feel like my parents...always talking about the weather :) Not that that's a bad thing (for the record in case you guys are reading this...i do like to talk about the weather! :) Actually...if you all must know...i do have a mini obsession with the weather channel!! yeah...the weather has been pretty brutal these past few days and i've been feeling pretty down about it...I usually run on tuesdays but yesterday I think the high was maybe -24 and I thought instead of battling with the treadmill I'd take another day off from running and recover from that killer long run on sunday. So I did weights at lunch and then went for an awesome swim in the pool last night...covered 3600 m, yeah! Tonight will be a fun hills run with the running room...I believe I did mention how I met with them on sunday and found a bunch of runners going to Boston...i'm not alone!! I'll know people! Yay :)

Hmm...not much else going on...i've got the St.Patrick's Day 10km race on sunday...but i'm feeling guilty about missing a long run for it. So i'm wondering if it would be really dumb to do my long run on saturday and then have hopes of having a good race on sunday? Actually i'll answer my own question and agree that it probably is dumb...but i'm sure knowing me that's exactly what i'll do! I'll be sure to let you know how it all turns out!!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Emotional deb... :(

So...I never really thought I would feel this way but after finally booking my flight to Boston...and coming to the realization that it's so close...just a short 6 weeks away...i've realized that I'm already feeling pretty emotional about this whole experience. I mean i'm ecstatic and so happy about it...but i've been experiencing some emotions about it that I never really thought I would feel.

I'm kind of terrified...I'm going there by myself...and I don't have anyone to share this experience with....nobody to be there when I finish the biggest race i've ever done...the one i've been wanting to do since i started running 10 or so years ago...i'm quite sad about this and i never thought i would feel this way. I'm totally cool with being problems there...pretty happy actually...and I've done countless races by myself and have gotten used to the idea of nobody being there to support me etc. But this race is different...and I feel pretty stupid admitting this as I always like to think i'm such a strong person and that stuff like this doesn't bother me. But it does...

One bit of good news that came from today was that I met several other runners going to Boston...some I knew from training with the running room last year and some I met for the first time today. It was bloody cold this morning and the windchill pretty awful so I figured I needed some extra motivation to get in a I ran with the running room. It was pretty great...there's a 3:30 pace group at Eau Claire that are quite fast and I loved running with these guys. I realized that I did miss running with the RR so i'm going to join them for hills this wednesday too! Anyhow, while I have been kind of sad lately about going to Boston by myself...i did get pretty cheered up today that I will know some runners down there from Calgary. So while I don't have anyone there when I cross the finish line...i'll still have some running friends around.

Ciao for now...
and yay for daylight savings! :)

Friday, March 6, 2009


Good morning! It's a beautiful sunny day out there...-16 right now though...just waiting for it to warm up a little bit before a nice fairly easy 20km run i've got planned today. I don't think I mentioned my exciting news this week yet...I finally booked my flight to Boston for the marathon! It actually feels real now...6 weeks and 3 days till race day :) Wow it's really been creeping up on me fast and I like that i'm finally starting to get excited!

Yesterday was cold...which I don't mind...but the wind was intense...which made it pretty ridiculous...i just couldn't get out there so I did some hill training on the treadmill...actually turned out not too bad! I had a nice 10min warmup and then a half hour of slow uphill running...i held a good pace for the whole half hour and had a pretty steep incline going on the treadmill. It was quite the workout! I've never really done anything like that before...usually i just find a really hilly run to go on or run hill repeats somewhere!

Even though Boston is close and i'm excited...i'm really really excited for the Transrockies race in brother and I have been making plans and's pretty cool. I'm trying to get some really good hill training in right now as a good base for this summer...more hills than I normally do while training for a marathon. I'm definitely noticing a huge difference in my strength and how much easier I find running hills than I used to. It's great!

After taking last sunday off from a long run for some much needed rest, i'm really looking forward to a big one this sunday. Sometimes I wonder if it's super weird how much I love much I think about much I plan my days, weeks, months, vacations around makes me so happy. I love being a runner :)

Anyhow, since i've discovered the lovely world of blogging and found so many great other blogs to follow of people doing and loving the same thing as me...i realize that i'm not the only crazy one out there who thinks about running, triathlons, training as much as I do! I look forward to reading all the new postings each day of the blogs that I really keeps me inspired and motivated too...especially on those days when i'm really not feeling like going for a run or workout. So thanks everybody! :) I know that after a crazy busy summer of running and races that I've got planned i'm going to really need you guys to get me through my transition into the lovely world of's super scary for me but i'm totally up for the challenge, the excitement, the adventure :)

Have a great day and a super weekend!

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's hot out there....

Wow...what an amazing day out there...after frigid temps last week, +9C degrees feels like +20...unfortunately for me I didn't think it would get so warm so quickly as it's usually still quite chilly during my lunchtime while I really really needed shorts today...I was stuck in rather uncomfortably warm running tights during my 10km run at marathon race pace...which actually turned into more of a half marathon/10km race pace run...i felt soooo great though, I just couldn't help myself!! Plus I think my super rest day yesterday had something to do with it!!

The sun was brilliant out there...I had on my fab new kicks (which I ran through every puddle I could find in my attempt to dirty them up!) my pace kept getting quicker and quicker...and then I got a little competitive with some guy on the path. I was running around a 4:30/km pace and this dude passes me but doesn't go that far ahead and then after like 10 mins he stops and starts walking while I breeze on by...he does this twice more...and then finally as I passed him for the last time, I up my pace to a 4:18/km...he didn't pass me again. That's right dude in the tights AND know who you got your butt kicked by a girl! :) And why oh why am I seeing more and more dudes these days wearing tights and shorts...i don't get it...seriously...whatevs...i don't even want to get into it! It's almost too annoying for words!

My lesson learned for the that spring is approaching...bring both shorts and tights to work with you so you at least have options on what to run in!!


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March 1st!!

Is anyone as excited as I am that March is here? Yay!! I can't believe how long ago Christmas was! Wow! Well I had a great 3 day weekend...friday started off with some heavy duty sleeping in and then an awesome hill workout...I felt great...the sun was shining, it was a nice and warm -4 (felt balmy next to our -20 temps!)...and I had zero pains anywhere... no foot pain, shin pain...everything was great! Don't you just love runs like that!!

Saturday was a day out in the mountains with my friend James and our dogs for some snowshoeing at Chester Lake near Kananaskis!! It was about 8km in total with around 1000ft in elevation gain...not too bad :) And it was yet another gorgeaus day out beautiful and sunny..and warm! We left Calgary at -22 and I was thinking...uh oh, it's gonna be a super chilly one...we get to the trailhead, out of the car...and it's a scorcher! I don't know what the temp was but after about 10 mins in I was stripping jacket, no toque, no gloves...awesome!

Mmmm...some dirty boxer beer to go with our lunch at Chester Lake :)

As for today...I was all dressed at 9am...ready for a nice 4 hour back from a walk with Logan and just felt really off...I had to lie down and thought i'd wait an hour and go then. But I'm really just feeling a little worn out...last week was my biggest week of running in a while...71kms...not too shabby...anyhow, I was sad when I decided maybe it would be best to take a rest day today but I think I made the right decision on not running. I needed some extra rest I think and that means some good running for the rest of the week! Yeah! :)

Sooo...what did I do today? I finally went out and got my new runners...i've been in desperate need for a while! My kicks of choice on the road are the New Balance 769s...stability for us pronators. They've never failed me...only problem is they're too freakin white...I can't wait to take them out tomorrow and dirty them up! :) Oh and I also made a sweet ass pot of chili for the so mom's recipe of course :)
Have a great sunday weekend...i'm really looking forward to a fab week of running ahead!!