Monday, March 2, 2009

It's hot out there....

Wow...what an amazing day out there...after frigid temps last week, +9C degrees feels like +20...unfortunately for me I didn't think it would get so warm so quickly as it's usually still quite chilly during my lunchtime while I really really needed shorts today...I was stuck in rather uncomfortably warm running tights during my 10km run at marathon race pace...which actually turned into more of a half marathon/10km race pace run...i felt soooo great though, I just couldn't help myself!! Plus I think my super rest day yesterday had something to do with it!!

The sun was brilliant out there...I had on my fab new kicks (which I ran through every puddle I could find in my attempt to dirty them up!) my pace kept getting quicker and quicker...and then I got a little competitive with some guy on the path. I was running around a 4:30/km pace and this dude passes me but doesn't go that far ahead and then after like 10 mins he stops and starts walking while I breeze on by...he does this twice more...and then finally as I passed him for the last time, I up my pace to a 4:18/km...he didn't pass me again. That's right dude in the tights AND know who you got your butt kicked by a girl! :) And why oh why am I seeing more and more dudes these days wearing tights and shorts...i don't get it...seriously...whatevs...i don't even want to get into it! It's almost too annoying for words!

My lesson learned for the that spring is approaching...bring both shorts and tights to work with you so you at least have options on what to run in!!



  1. OK, dudes with tights and shorts is ridiculous. What do they think we're looking at their junk? No one is looking at their junk. We're looking at the arse for crying out loud;)

  2. LOL...that's so true Missy!!!! :)

  3. Ha, glad you showed that dude the way.

    Can't believe it's that warm all of the sudden; wish this would happen here. Have a super day!

  4. I wear shorts over my tights! My butt gets super cold. Way to chick that guy though.

  5. Ha ha, it's not the same when girls do it...when guys do's just so wrong!!! :)