Thursday, March 19, 2009


...that's my bib number for Boston folks! I'm getting super duper excited now! 4 weeks and 4 days till race day! This week has been rough since Sunday's race...i've been tired...actually pretty exhausted really and haven't felt like that in a long time...and i've felt a huge lack in motivation!!

Yesterday I still felt really tired but tried to snap myself out of it...had a good weights workout at lunch and then last night...hills! Ack! I hate hills but it's very necessary! I was supposed to go with the running room last night which is way more motivating than doing a hill workout by yourself but they were doing a 10km time trial. The heck with that! I ran a balls out 10km on sunday!

So it was in fact hills by myself afterall...9x500m hills to be exact! I kept telling myself just get to 6 and we'll see how you feel about the other 3. Well I managed to get all 9 in...I was so proud of myself because they were killer! But it was such a beautiful evening...6 degrees and that definitely helped! Today and tomorrow they're calling for sunny and 13! I can't wait!

I love close to the weekend!
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Oh good, now it's very REAL! Youu're going to rock it out in Boston. I'm very envious...doesn't matter, though, never be fast enough to get there!!!

  2. I'll have to add your number to the other bib numbers I'm going to watching for at Boston. Nice job with the hill work.

  3. From the BAA website where you can search entrants: Athletes with bib numbers 1-13,999 will start in Wave One. Athletes with bib numbers 14,000+ will start in Wave Two.

    So you 'snuck' in the back door for wave 1! Just think of all the roadkill in front of you ;-) Are you motivated yet? Good luck in the final weeks.

  4. I will follow you on Boston. Really cool you get to do that.

  5. Thanks everybody...I appreciate it. I'm starting to get nervous and unfortunately am having a really rough week of training and motivating myself. I've never quite felt this down before and I don't know what my deal is. Hopefully it's just a tired thing and once tapering starts it all goes away.

  6. Boston is a super social experience. You'll be surprised and probably even meet runners on the plane and at the airport! They are frickin' obvious as heck! (note to runners: running clothing is NOT fashion clothing!) Those hill strides are going to serve you well for TR base training. You should be proud of that work out. That is a kick ass workout. You are buiding mental fortitude girly!

    FYI-There is another ex-pat Newfoundlander going to T.R and he is ridiculously fast.

  7. Leslie you're totally dad is a very obvious runner...too funny. Although this time at the airport I will totally appreciate it if it's easy to pick out other runners by their clothing :) I'm getting less nervous/bummed about going by myself etc and very excited.

    As for TR...i'm terrified...not used to so much hill work that i'm trying to mentally prepare myself for this summer...luckily the hill training i've been doing will somewhat help! Thanks for the link to Gary's's awesome...and he is freakin fast!