Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good-bye Debbie Downer! :)

Well the weekend has come and gone...it's almost the middle of the week and I haven't had much to say...so i've been just enjoying some good blog reading! Last week was a really downer for me and I wasn't enjoying running at all....a combination of lots of training and poor weather had brought me down! I did manage to get out of my funk on the weekend though...a really great 15km run in shorts on saturday in super beautiful weather....and a pretty great 32km run on sunday despite the 25cm of snow that fell overnight...ack!

I'm sorry but Calgary weather...not so different from Newfoundland...really! I thought I left that craziness behind me a long time ago :) Anyhow, I was extremely happy as I trudged my way through the snow from my house to the path along the Bow to discover that the pathway had already been cleared...it was shortly after 8am and they had already cleared the path!!! I can't express how much I love the guys that clear it for us...we're very lucky to have that. I lived in Ottawa for 2 years and they also have a fabulous trail system around the city...but it does not get cleared in winter!

Anyhow, I continue to feel the effects of tough training but I know it'll be over soon... 2 weeks to go till taper...thank goodness. My body is so darn tired the past couple of weeks that i've had to take 2 rest days off in a row after my weekends of running. I don't mind though as it usually helps me have a good hill workout on wednesdays and I always feel better as the weekend approaches and I look forward to some long running!

In non-running news...I got tickets to my most favorite band playing on April 4th...Hey Rosetta!!! (they just happen to be from Newfoundland too...how cool is that?!) Here is one of my favorite songs...


  1. OH how I love a good taper, really and truly! I'm very good at it too;)

  2. It sounds like you are doing a really good job of listening to your body as you hit the peak of your training. Great job! You are going to do awesome in Boston!

  3. After all that hard training, no wonder you are tired and finally want Boston to come. Hang tight - you'll do great.

  4. Hey Deb, just found you through a link sent out from TR, I grew up in Mount Pearl, moved to Banff in 96 and could never bring myself to leave the mountains again. I'm sure we're practically related so it will be a pleasure to meet you down in Colorado in August! Good luck at Boston, enjoy every second of it!!

  5. Hang in there girl! Boston is just around the bend and all this winter slogging with be worth it! The hubby and I keep lamenting at how we were in such great running shape we were in last year when we were training for Boston!
    Enjoy it!!! We'll be following you race day!

  6. sorry that post makes very little sense. you get what I am saying right?

  7. Gary - sweet, look forward to meeting you in Colorado as well! This is going to be my first summer of trailrunning so i'm quite terrified for TR to be honest!! I love it out here as well...there's no way I'd ever leave the mountains!! Unfortunately living so far away means it's quite pricey for a visit back home so it seems to be every 2 years or so that I get back...

    Amber - haha, no worries, I totally get what you're saying!! Was last year your first Boston experience? That's so cool that you both got to go! I'm getting quite excited now :)