Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm tired!

What a weekend...and my body is clearly telling me that it needs a break after it so i've decided that today is going to be my second day off in a row to help it out :) I feel like kind of a wimp because I wonder how I'll ever train for an ironman if i'm this tired after 3 big workout days....but I digress....

I had a 3 day weekend so friday I decided to get a good swim in since I knew it would be relatively empty during the middle of the day. I made up a pretty decent workout and covered 4000 m. I was super proud of myself and felt great afterwards...I really am getting back into the swing of things swimming wise...I love it!

Because Sunday was the St.Patrick's Day 10km race, I decided to do my long run on saturday...normally I wouldn't do this before a race....i'm not crazy!!! But I did have to get it in as there's only a couple of more long runs to go before Boston! Saturday was a beautiful day and I had a really fantastic 32km and held a great pace!

Sunday - race day...I woke up feeling pretty decent...not sore from the long run...but couldn't help thinking, am I really stupid for racing this today? Why don't I just take it easy and not go balls out for a change? The simple answer to that is this...i'm super competitive...i don't deny it, i can't help it...i love to race and i love to see how fast I can go and if i can get a PB! Anyhow...from the very start...1 km into the race I immediately thought uh oh...this is going to be a nightmare...and then immediately I always think why do I register for 10kms...give me a half or full marathon any day...10 kms are bloody HARD!

I couldn't stop looking at my garmin and cursing the pace I was at so eventually I just stopped looking...after 5km I felt just awful but my watch told me otherwise and I was like...whoa, if I just double that time i'll get a sweet 10km time...and that's exactly what I did! I don't know how I held on but I managed to run a PB by about 10 seconds and finished in 42:30...I was super happy...and then of course I wondered how fast I could have gone had I not run 32km the day before! :) The overall results aren't posted yet but i'm super curious to find out how I did! I'll keep you posted :)

Anyhow, i'm going to try and enjoy my second day off even though it's giving me a little anxiety and I really wish I was out running right now instead of blogging! I've learned over the years though that it's always best to listen to your body so as much as i don't want to i'd better do it or pay dearly down the road! Hopefully i'll feel much better tomorrow...just in time for a tough hill workout!

Have a great day!


  1. That's an awesome 10k! Especially after a 32k run the day before. It looks like your fitness is fantastic going into Boston. Enjoy your rest days - you have certainly earned them.

  2. Congratulations on your PR. I agree, short races are so hard. Take a break, you deserve one. I personally stay away from running on a very tired body - I know, not very ultra-marathon-ish, but this way I prevent injuries.


  3. With ya on the short stuff...it kills ME! Don't stress about IM training yet and yes, training many days while tired is in the plan BUT not training run down. The key is figuring out the difference for your bod and knowing that some workouts are just 'recovery' workouts.