Monday, March 30, 2009

3 weeks to go...

...And the countdown continues...I think I officially started counting down when I had 10 weeks to go haha. My god how time flies! I had a great weekend of running and after next weekend goes by I'll officially be settling into a nice taper!!! Lucky for me I had friday off so it kind of feels like i've been off forever even though it flew by so quickly!

Friday was a pretty easy friend Chloe and I went climbing and did some pretty hard was not hard to tell I hadn't climbed in a month as I was quite sore on saturday! Friday afternoon it was so beautiful out that instead of taking my dog Logan on a walk I figured I'd take him on a nice easy run...I was impressed...he kept a good pace and we got in 6.5km. It was a fairly warm and sunny afternoon and those huskies get hot pretty quick so he was doing a ton of diving in the snow when we got home to cool off!

Saturday was a pretty great day despite the cool, drizzly type Newfoundland weather. My friend Jeff and I did a super slow and easy 18km. I haven't gone quite that slow in a long time so my body actually hated me after's funny how I can feel worse after a really slow run than after my longer slow runs...makes total sense eh? I finished off a good saturday with a couple of hours of rockband at my friend's house later that evening...I can't get enough of that game...I love the drums and actually end up with blisters sometimes haha.

Sunday morning...whoa...i wake up and look out the window...wondering if it's somehow last sunday morning all over was identical...a ton of snow had fallen over night once again...and I had to go run 32km in it...once again! I sucked it up and made my way down to the RR to join the group and get it overwith. It turned out to be a much harder run than I anticipated...the 3:30 group was crazy and our pace was a good 20-30 seconds faster than my normal slow runs...and towards the end...we were getting into race pace! I figured I'd just go with way I was getting dropped! Some miracle happened and after about 15km I felt fantastic...i wonder if it was the coke flavored shot bloks I had? It was my first time trying that flavor and while I don't enjoy drinking coke...they totally rocked! Anyways, great great running this weekend and I'm finally starting to feel confident going into Boston.

It seems that pretty much everyone I talk to has this perception that oh you worked so hard to qualify for Boston...just go enjoy it and don't worry about the time etc. Sorry folks...but my intention is to enjoy it but freakin rock it...I've worked harder training for this race than any other marathon and I intend to do well! I can't wait!

Thanks for the comments and support's totally motivating and i'm getting super pumped! :)

Here's to another great week of training!

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  1. Not long now. I'm really looking forward to following your race.