Friday, April 3, 2009


So...I don't know if I can call myself officially "injured" but i've got some issues with my left leg that needs addressing. I thought it was feeling ok since Sunday's long hard run...especially after taking monday and tuesday off...but wednesday's run was kind of brutal and I had to drop back and run with a slower group because I was hobbling/limping and my leg did not feel good at all! I can't even describe the pain or pinpoint what it shin hurts but not the classic shin splint knee feels strange, as well as my quad...i'm sure it's all linked together somehow. I don't know, I wish I could describe it to you guys.

So anyways, I was pretty bummed after wednesday's run so decided to not run anymore until saturday. Last night I went swimming instead to loosen legs have been feeling tight as well lately so I figured that would help. I got 2500m in which was nice but my arms were pretty tired after. That's what happens when you haven't swum in 2 weeks I guess! In the beginning though my shin was hurting just from pushing off the wall but it did go away for the rest of the swim and felt good after. I'm also hoping the great hot tub session I had after helped as well. 2 weeks out from Boston...give me a frickin break here people. I'm bummed......

Anyhow, I'm off to the doctor in an hour to get a new inhaler...I take a daily one called Flovent which helps control my asthma and means I very rarely have to take Ventalin. I ran out of Flovent a long time ago unfortunately and have been really feeling the affects of that when I run. I have a super tightness in my chest and have struggled to breath on some hard runs...something I haven't experienced in a long time. It's my own fault for not going to get a new one...but I figure with a marathon to do in 2 weeks i'd best get on top of that! I also have a massage booked for monday so hopefully if I'm still having pain in my leg after running this weekend then he can sort me all out!

Well at least it's friday and i'm super pumped about that! Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. Injured...issues are both not good words!! I am hoping that the pains magically go away!!!

    Love your picture on your log.

  2. If there was a time to have some pain like this, now might actually not be a terrible time. You have done all of your real training for the marathon and should be getting into taper-mode about now. A little extra rest now isn't a bad thing at this point. Just don't try to 'make up mileage' once the leg is feeling better. Just pick up the schedule where you would have been if nothing had happened.

  3. I agree with Chad - rest, you are well trained for Boston.Maybe it's your body's way of telling you to cut it down now.

  4. Thanks for the reminder...I need to get my Advair refilled:) I let that shiz go too. Blasted.

    Rest, you're body will remember how when the time comes.