Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How can I work when i'm so excited?!

My mom is the best!! I was finally able to pick up my Easter package from her yesterday that was waiting for me at the post office after they were finally back to regular hours again...seriously, I don't understand "Easter Monday"'s not a holiday in my mind but whatever. Anyhow, my package was filled with some of my favorite easter goodies as well as an Easter card with American money in it for my's really do think of everything :) The money went in my wallet...and the chocolate got hidden away so I don't have it staring me in the face everytime I open a kitchen cupboard! (of course I did indulge a bit before hiding it away!)

I've been running around town doing errands and such each night but still have failed to start any form of packing...and i leave in 3 days...sigh. Tonight will be the night...i've made a sweet list of everything and anything I might need and i'm gonna gather it all in a pile on the floor in my spare bedroom. If you guys have any ideas on things you think i should definitely bring let me know! Now i'm starting to get excited! :)

This week has been strange in the way of workouts because of my weird random leg pain while running...monday was a rest day, yesterday I decided to do an hour of crosstraining on the machine to see how my leg would go with tons of stretching and rolling after, and today i'm going to attempt a very easy and slow 6km run after work. I really hope the pain stays away...please oh please. Tomorrow I'll have a massage and likely another rest day and hopefully friday i'll get another very easy run in...if not i was thinking saturday morning before a long flight to loosen up my legs. Then i'm gonna rock the compression socks all day which i think is going to help huge while flying!!

I just watched an inspiring video that Simon Whitfield posted on his blog of Ryan Hall doing one of his training runs for god that guy is incredible. I'd love to get a glimpse of him while i'm down there....

Till next time...happy training :)


  1. I would almost suggest getting a pair or compression tights. On a 2 day road trip to california back in March I wore "Skinz" the entire 2 days (it's a full pant). Not once did I feel like I had sat in a car for over 8 hours a day. It was amazing. My legs felt awesome. A flight to Boston is probably shorter and full leggings may not be necessary but they worked so well! Good luck in Boston!

  2. Mom's do think of everything! They're the best! Nicola might be on to something for a longer trip.

  3. thanks for the heads up about the head phones, if you find out what page it is on send that my way:)!!!!

  4. I am excited for you!!! Have a great marathon; can't wait to hear all about it.