Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Boston - PB & BQ!

Well it's my first day back to work after Boston...ugh, my legs hurt so bad! The second day after a race is always the most painful. I did have a 45 min leg massage this morning which was sweet but I hurt huge! I don't have time to write a good race report at the moment but it'll be coming soon I promise...along with a few pics I took.

In short I PB'd my best marathon time by 15 mins...totally unreal and unexpected for me...I don't even think it's sunk in yet really. I ran a 3:19:37...and moved up in the ranks from starting at 13833 overall to finishing in 4567th place overall out of almost 23,000 people.

It's kind of crazy to even see that final time next to my name. I looked at all the 5km splits online and I could I have continued to get faster throughout the entire race?! I believe I actually PB'd my best half marathon time in the second half of this marathon...guess all of that hill training really helped me as I didn't really find the Newton hills or Heartbreak hill to be a huge problem. Damn, all that worrying for nothing haha. I almost psyched myself out by worrying so much about the hills in this race.

My god Boston is the most rolling course i've ever done, it was crazy but it was awesome! I had a freakin fabulous experience and can't wait to go back next year!!!

Full race report soon!! Thanks for everyone's advice and support along the way, it's been a stressful past couple of months for sure :)


  1. Holy crap girl, a 3:19...... that is so awesome. What a great time. I am so happy the hills didn't bother you. They got to me when I ran last year. I didn't expect them... Don't you love it there? I want to go back someday and run again. My time was horrible because I had the stomach flu when I ran... so maybe 2010 or 2011 I will go back and redeam myself.

  2. I cant wait for the pictures.... bring it girl.


  4. Freaking amazing! Awesome job! I knew you were fast, but that is flying considering how difficult that course was. I heard the headwinds were pretty rough out there. Your hill training certainly makes all the difference on a course like that. Those are speedbumps compared to running mountain trails. Great race! Recover well and I can't wait to hear the full report.

  5. That's crazy, 15 minutes at Boston!! Everyone else p-worsted by about the same. Congrats on a great performance. You must have been blowing by soooo many people in the last miles ;-)

  6. Nice run!!! Yeah the course is a tough one & you PRed!!!& qualified for next year.
    Running 100 days is not that hard as long as you are sure to do some easy 20min running recovery days,It actually helps flush your legs out.I will only run to 113 days straight or so,as I ran 112 days straight leading up to The Vancouver marathon in 2007.It was just something I wanted to do,Give it a try.
    Yes I am Calgary Marathon bound in May.That course will be tough.Good job in Boston.

  7. That is awesome, you rock Deb!! Looking forward to hearing all of the details. Enjoy your celebration tomorrow night!

  8. Wow, what a fantastic time you ran; a time I can only dream of!!!

    I hope you had fun and yes, can't wait to hear more about it. Congratulations!!!!