Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Boston babble...and tunage requests....

After reading other blogs and forums etc about all the people that started receiving their Boston info race packet back in Late March, I was starting to get worried where mine was! Finally on tuesday, it arrived!! It almost seems even more official that i'm doing it now...if that makes sense. It comes with this 30ish page booklet with all the info you would possibly need to know about the fitness expo (which i'm freakin psyched about), getting to the race, and the race itself. I also received this fancy card with all of my info on it to bring with me to the expo in order to pick up my number and goody bag. I have to make sure I put that in a good spot so I don't forget it...I can totally see myself sitting on the plane, going over and over in my head if i've remembered everything and then the slow realization that little card is the one thing i've forgotten. I'm really bad with packing...i tend to leave everything till the very last minute the night before any and every trip...i've spent many late late evenings packing the night before my flight. This time i'm going to try and not do that and actually have things organized for a change!! Hopefully that means I won't forget anything!

This has been a weird week of running...I had some great runs on the weekend, took monday off and had a leg massage, ran with my good friend Leanne on tuesday night...a nice easy 8km...and my legs hated me and my knee hurt a lot...i was so mad after that run...especially after feeling so good and loose after my massage on monday. The weather has been fantastic in Calgary this week and I was bummed yesterday that I would have to go swimming the rest of the week and not run because of my leg. On the bus ride home from work yesterday I's so beautiful out, I can not go swimming on a day like this. I decided to try and just stretch and loosen up on my walk with Logan and then go out for a light 10km instead. Well after a slow warm up things felt pretty good...then I ran into my group and they were just starting on speedwork and i thought what the hell, i might as well join them...5x800m I felt pretty great actually which was a relief. Unfortunately then I had to run all the way home so what went from an easy 10km turned out to be a 15km run with speedwork in the middle. I felt good after the run, stretched tons and rolled out my legs. So i'm pretty much done with running till sunday. I'm going to go for a couple of swims tonight and saturday...and a very light 6km run tmw to loosen up. I think things are going well as I slowly prepare myself for race day.

Oh I've been meaning to ask you guys...I've been listening to the same music on my ipod when I run forever...I need some new running songs that will keep me motivated! What do you guys listen to? Apparently this is the first year they're allowing you to wear music during Boston which is great for me as i've never run a marathon without music. However, those that are competing for prize money don't get to wear music...obviously that doesn't affect me haha. I do think it's ironic that the one year they allow runners to wear music in the Boston marathon of all the first year that they've decided to ban it from the Calgary marathon...thank god I ran that one last year!! Anyhow, i'm looking for some great tunes and if you have any good ideas, please let me know!

Have a great Easter weekend you guys!

Well I guess that's it for now! I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend, it's going to be a pretty nice one!!


  1. METALLICA!!!I always run well to this.Good luck in Boston,Calgary is gonna be a tough one this year(new course)

  2. Mmmm, I'm zero help on the music (for running). I run in the dark a ton and I'm afraid that chester the molester is going to pull up behind me in his van while I'm jamming out to tunes. PLUS, can't race with it in triland so I have learned to go without.

  3. uhm, i'm kind of a punk rock, grunge girl myself. so i'd say sex pistols, jane's addiction, anthrax, rage against the machine. oh, and always good is my theme song 'baby got back' by sir mix-a-lot. lastly, ll cool j's 'mama said knock you out'.

    have a blast in boston!

  4. Wow, Boston allows music? That's fantastic! I listen to a lot of Electronica, speedy stuff. The itunes store has tons. Search "Covenant" and it will lead you to more of that type of music.

  5. Metallica? I love Metallica, but how in the #%&$ can you run to it?

    I prefer dance mix music to run to. I find the beat keeps my focused. But I only ever use my IPod on the treadmill.

    Have a great Easter!

  6. Music at Boston? Sorry, but you'll miss sooo much by being tuned out, the crowds especially! One of my favorite memories is the squeal of a little girl because I took her cup of water as she sat on her Dad's shoulders. Bring it if you must but be ready to unplug and just enjoy the mayhem ;-)

  7. I know I know...sounds silly to run with music at Boston eh? I don't want to tune out the crowds so i'll be happy to turn it off and then maybe on again if I need some extra motivation. I want to have it just in case! Thanks for your suggestions on music everybody! Sorry Cam...don't think Metallica is gonna do it for me lol.