Monday, April 13, 2009

T-minus 1 Week.....

Well it's Monday...i'm officially 1 week away from race day. That's quickly did that come?! I remember counting down to Boston from 10 weeks it's 1?!? I'm so freakin excited!!! I guess by now though I'd actually be finished the race and hopefully chillin out somewhere and basking in the afterglow :)

I had a pretty good weekend of easy 8km on saturday and a 16km race pace on sunday with my friend Jeff. I'm aiming for a pace of 5:00 min/km on race day and it felt really good yesterday to run at that pace. I'm still struggling with issues in my left quad but i've been taking care of it....heating, rolling, stretching and taking epsom salt baths. I plan on running very little this week just to make sure it's good to go on monday. Likely i'll have a couple of very short runs and a couple of swims. I think i'll be good to go.

My only problem now is to figure out what the heck to wear on race day...temps this week look to be in the mid 50s F...which is around 12 degrees Celcius. Guess i'll have to bring a couple of different things and see what race day brings. Shorts are a must but not quite sure for up top. I've never run a marathon this early in the year before.

5 more sleeps till i'm outta here!


  1. OH, Boston! I'm so excited for you. I'll never be so I have to live vicariously through you.

  2. Almost here! Have a safe trip and a great race!

  3. Good luck... Can't wait to hear all about it. I ran Boston last year... loved it. I didn't have a great race, but I love everything about it. I hope you will too. About your comment on my blog.... I would love to requalif again someday, but right now I am to lazy to work as hard as I need to to get 3:40 or under. Maybe in the fall. My race in 10 days and the marathon in June I am just hoping to come in under 4 hrs. Good luck and have fun.

  4. P.S I underestimated the course.... bad move on my part. It really is harder then I thought it was going to be. There is a hill before heart break hill that I thought was a bit harder then heart break, so watch out for that.

  5. LOL- don't freakout about the hills to much. They are tuff but really if you have been doing hills or some kind of strength training you will be fine.

    Just enjoy everything and take it all in. When I was at the Expo, I was talking to a guy who had run Boston several other times and he told me to NOT wear my ipod so that I could enjoy and listen and take it all in. So I didn't take it on race day and I regreted it. I wished i'd had my music to get me through the hard parts. Their are serisouly ppl on every corner cheering and yelling. Check the weather.... if it says heat then just prepare accordingly and vice versa for rain or cold. I hope you have good weather. We had gorgeous weather last year, but my sister ran in 2007 and she had POORING rain and had a bad run.

    Just have fun... take it all in.

  6. Enjoy Boston!!!I ran 3:20 there in 2001 & was expecting to run faster & didnt realize until later that I should have lightened up & had fun.After all it is THE BOSTON MARATHON.Wish I was going this year too,Maybe next year???
    Looking forward to your race report,Cam.