Saturday, April 18, 2009

If I wasn't Boston bound this morning....

....i'd be sooooo angy right now. I hate my pot smoking partying so much. I've been awake since 5am with the sound of techno rave garbage music pumping through the walls...that's not cool man. It's now 6:15...go to bed already, the sun is coming up! How long can you listen to that shit ass music before you go insane? Anyway, I guess I was lucky and they didn't stay home all night because as of 8pm I was in the same situation I am now. They did go out pretty early

I live in a duplex and while there is a nice thick concrete wall between our places, I can still hear everything and smell nasty skunk pot through the walls. It sucks! The ironic thing is, i've lived here for over 3 months now and they've never had a party before! Of course the night before I leave before Boston would be the time they have one! Anyhow, at least it's not the night before a race or anything. And I do know that i'll be sleeping most of my day away on the plane...that's what happens when you get some serious motion sickness and you have to live off gravol while travelling! That stuff knocks you out! I'm usually out before the plane takes off to be honest haha.

I just lit some incense to cover the pot smell....I can't take it anymore. I can't wait to get out in the fresh air! Only 1 hour and 25 mins left in this stinky house until my friend James gets here to drive me to the airport! Woot! Like I said, luckily i'm still managing to be in a pretty great mood! I think also my chai latte from starbucks is going keep me pretty happy as well...i've been cutting back on sugar and haven't had one of those in a month! I'm pretty excited :) Doesn't take much does it!!

Ok, well adios my friends...full Boston report next week!
deb xo


  1. Might be time to sick the Mounties on them.

    Good luck on Monday!

  2. 13833 - hey, 3:19 rocks out!!! Can't wait to read your race report. Way to goooo!