Thursday, April 16, 2009

Question for you runners...

Do you think it's bad to not run for 4 whole days before a marathon? I ran last night and it wasn't good and then woke up this morning with lots of old pains i was having, plus some new knee pain....all in the same leg. Anyhow, I just finished my massage and I feel like a new person. I have some ridiculously huge knot in my quad that Mike has never really felt anything like it. I'm like wtf really? And I just saw him last monday and it wasn't there then! I haven't been doing anything crazy during this "taper" so where did it come from?

Anyways, I feel so much better and literally pain free after the massage...but he did say he wouldn't run anymore before the race....I just feel so strange not running at all for 4 whole days before... :( What do you guys think? Any of you had to do anything like that and still managed to have a great race? Looks like maybe i'll go for some easy swimming tonight and tomorrow night and that'll be it till race day.


  1. I would run a few short easy runs and stretch like crazy after. I have found that if i dont run then I feel more tight in the race. The race is Monday? Run Sunday for 3-4 and stretch I think that would be good enough.

  2. Four days off would be way to much for me. I would feel completely flat at the beginning of the race. I usually take the day two-days before the race off and then do a very short run of a couple of easy miles the day before the race just to burn up the nervious energy and remind my legs what they are supposed to do.

  3. I usually won't run 4/5 days prior to a 50k. I'll do some cross training, but rest running wise. It works best for me.

  4. Hmm, if you are having these issues with your leg I wouldn't try to run too much. If you are nervous maybe do a couple short ones, including maybe 3K the day before the race to test things out?

    I don't know...but best of luck in Boston though!