Monday, April 6, 2009

Massage heaven...

I'm just getting back from a lunch time massage...what a great idea that was today! I've been having issues with my left leg and I was afraid that it felt like an oncoming injury with the amount of limping i had been doing last week...but after some extra days off from running I was good to go this weekend! My friend Jeff and I had two great days of running...16km on saturday and 22km on sunday. Now i'm ready for my taper baby! I figured I would start off my taper with a 45 min leg massage was so great and my legs haven't felt this loose in a long long time...i definitely had a spring in my step when i left...I love my massage therapist Mike, he's the best! Today is my day off from everything...the most activity i'll do is take Logan out for some walks...spring has FINALLY arrived in Calgary...wahoo!!

Surprisingly enough as race day approaches...exactly 2 weeks out from today...i'm feeling pretty calm about the whole thing...not anxious, nervous, freaked out like I have been...not sad that i won't have anyone there with me...i'm done with those emotions...i'm super pumped and i'm going to enjoy every moment of this experience...i'm super excited and can't wait.

I've always found tapering hard as for some reason it feels like you should be out running running's hard for me to cut back the mileage, just chill and give my legs the rest and recovery they deserve...but I always manage somehow :) I'm going to do some light swimming as well this week and next to loosen up and my legs are going to be very happy come race day...well maybe not after the race! haha :)

Happy training everybody!


  1. I need a massage, thanks for the reminder:) Rest and recover, I love, love, love a taper!!!

  2. That's fantastic! It sounds like you are in a perfect place - both physically and mentally - for the marathon. Awesome!

  3. Oooh, a massage sounds very nice right now. Tapering is a difficult thing to do. It doesn't make sense that to perform good at a (run) race, you must not run?! Good luck at Boston. ;)