Sunday, March 8, 2009

Emotional deb... :(

So...I never really thought I would feel this way but after finally booking my flight to Boston...and coming to the realization that it's so close...just a short 6 weeks away...i've realized that I'm already feeling pretty emotional about this whole experience. I mean i'm ecstatic and so happy about it...but i've been experiencing some emotions about it that I never really thought I would feel.

I'm kind of terrified...I'm going there by myself...and I don't have anyone to share this experience with....nobody to be there when I finish the biggest race i've ever done...the one i've been wanting to do since i started running 10 or so years ago...i'm quite sad about this and i never thought i would feel this way. I'm totally cool with being problems there...pretty happy actually...and I've done countless races by myself and have gotten used to the idea of nobody being there to support me etc. But this race is different...and I feel pretty stupid admitting this as I always like to think i'm such a strong person and that stuff like this doesn't bother me. But it does...

One bit of good news that came from today was that I met several other runners going to Boston...some I knew from training with the running room last year and some I met for the first time today. It was bloody cold this morning and the windchill pretty awful so I figured I needed some extra motivation to get in a I ran with the running room. It was pretty great...there's a 3:30 pace group at Eau Claire that are quite fast and I loved running with these guys. I realized that I did miss running with the RR so i'm going to join them for hills this wednesday too! Anyhow, while I have been kind of sad lately about going to Boston by myself...i did get pretty cheered up today that I will know some runners down there from Calgary. So while I don't have anyone there when I cross the finish line...i'll still have some running friends around.

Ciao for now...
and yay for daylight savings! :)


  1. Aw Deb, I can relate! I was thinking that I will have no one when I go for my big A race at the Lake Stevens 70.3 later this year. I'm sad that I won't have anyone to share it with.

    Glad you met some other Boston runners through the RR though!

  2. Hey Deb,
    Boston is an amazing experience! You may feel bummed now, but I predict you will have a different feeling when you are there. Make sure you get out for a run along the water, it is a beautiful place!
    And yes, it is Alan Lam I was going to refer you to. You will love running with that group, and Al is a fantastic guy.

  3. Leana - thanks, it's nice to know i'm not the only one that feels this way sometimes...i've been pretty bummed out lately :( I was even trying to convince my parents to come to Boston from Newfoundland for that weekend haha.

    Amber - thanks...i'm sure once I get there i'll be overwhelmed with excitement and forget about any of these emotions I'm having...i think this weather is finally starting to get to me but i'm still fighting it! Yeah I can't wait to run with Alan and that trail group this summer, it's going to be awesome! Hopefully I can keep up with those speedsters!

  4. Hi Deb,

    I found my way here from Stephanie's blog. Good luck in Boston. It sounds like an exciting experience. I'm hoping I can qualify to get there one of these days. I'm sure you will have no trouble finding plenty of like-minded runners to share the experience with once you get there.

  5. Thanks Chad! I don't know why I'm so emotional about the whole thing lately but i'm hoping it will pass soon :) I'm glad i've kind of blogged about it and talked about it to people though instead of bottling it up...everyone has been making me feel so much better! :)