Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i'm feeling it...

...feeling the warmth that's slowly warming up out there...slowly but surely...we started at -26 this morning and it's now -14...on our way to -8 for the day and I think above zero tomorrow!

I know I's getting old hey? I feel like my parents...always talking about the weather :) Not that that's a bad thing (for the record in case you guys are reading this...i do like to talk about the weather! :) Actually...if you all must know...i do have a mini obsession with the weather channel!! yeah...the weather has been pretty brutal these past few days and i've been feeling pretty down about it...I usually run on tuesdays but yesterday I think the high was maybe -24 and I thought instead of battling with the treadmill I'd take another day off from running and recover from that killer long run on sunday. So I did weights at lunch and then went for an awesome swim in the pool last night...covered 3600 m, yeah! Tonight will be a fun hills run with the running room...I believe I did mention how I met with them on sunday and found a bunch of runners going to Boston...i'm not alone!! I'll know people! Yay :)

Hmm...not much else going on...i've got the St.Patrick's Day 10km race on sunday...but i'm feeling guilty about missing a long run for it. So i'm wondering if it would be really dumb to do my long run on saturday and then have hopes of having a good race on sunday? Actually i'll answer my own question and agree that it probably is dumb...but i'm sure knowing me that's exactly what i'll do! I'll be sure to let you know how it all turns out!!



  1. Only since I run I like to talk about the weather!

    I abstain from the weekend races for the same reason - rather do a long trail run than a short race. Too bad there are no races during the week. Anyhow, good luck!

  2. I think most runners, and certainly all ultrarunners obsess about the weather. It's the only way to be prepared for what's out there. Otherwise, you end up having a bad run.

    Good luck with the 10k.

  3. OH hell, the weather. I've become such a fair weather fan it's not EVEN funny! Terrible...used to be rain, sleet, shine. NOW, I can feel the weather in my joints..old fart syndrome.

  4. could run the 10k after a 10k warmup and finish with a 10k cool down ;-) Good luck with your race. Re: Boston and having family there, it's a real zoo at the finish and very hard to hook up with folks. And if they watch you on the course (ie Heartbreak) you only see them once anyway. Get the DVD and share it with them later!