Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March 1st!!

Is anyone as excited as I am that March is here? Yay!! I can't believe how long ago Christmas was! Wow! Well I had a great 3 day weekend...friday started off with some heavy duty sleeping in and then an awesome hill workout...I felt great...the sun was shining, it was a nice and warm -4 (felt balmy next to our -20 temps!)...and I had zero pains anywhere... no foot pain, shin pain...everything was great! Don't you just love runs like that!!

Saturday was a day out in the mountains with my friend James and our dogs for some snowshoeing at Chester Lake near Kananaskis!! It was about 8km in total with around 1000ft in elevation gain...not too bad :) And it was yet another gorgeaus day out beautiful and sunny..and warm! We left Calgary at -22 and I was thinking...uh oh, it's gonna be a super chilly one...we get to the trailhead, out of the car...and it's a scorcher! I don't know what the temp was but after about 10 mins in I was stripping jacket, no toque, no gloves...awesome!

Mmmm...some dirty boxer beer to go with our lunch at Chester Lake :)

As for today...I was all dressed at 9am...ready for a nice 4 hour back from a walk with Logan and just felt really off...I had to lie down and thought i'd wait an hour and go then. But I'm really just feeling a little worn out...last week was my biggest week of running in a while...71kms...not too shabby...anyhow, I was sad when I decided maybe it would be best to take a rest day today but I think I made the right decision on not running. I needed some extra rest I think and that means some good running for the rest of the week! Yeah! :)

Sooo...what did I do today? I finally went out and got my new runners...i've been in desperate need for a while! My kicks of choice on the road are the New Balance 769s...stability for us pronators. They've never failed me...only problem is they're too freakin white...I can't wait to take them out tomorrow and dirty them up! :) Oh and I also made a sweet ass pot of chili for the so mom's recipe of course :)
Have a great sunday weekend...i'm really looking forward to a fab week of running ahead!!

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  1. You have such a sweet pooch.

    March is here and so is tons of snow in NY. I can't believe it. And we don't have it this sunny.

    Smart move on the rest day; running in snow is really hard. Great job on 71km!