Thursday, February 26, 2009

I hope this is my chinook headache... apparently is our last day of the frightfully cold spell we've been having. Wahoo! The weather is supposed to be quite warm and up to 10 degrees C on sunday for my long run...shorts perhaps? We'll see about that! I can tell that a chinook is coming though because the day before it happens, I get a wicked chinook headache...i'm kind of praying that's what this is because absolutely everyone around me has this crazy flu that leaves them bedridden and lasts I'm downing the cold FX just incase as well as gulping back the echinachea tea (I swear that stuff works) as I continue to pray i'm not getting the dreaded Calgary flu...

Let's see...currently it's -21 with a WC of times. Lucky for me I'm taking the day off from exercising...or not so lucky because of the reason why...I've thrown my neck out of wack seems to happen about once a year...I don't know how it happens, you turn your head too quickly one way and then ouch...and then the next few days are kind of hell...hellish to the point where yesterday I could barely get out of bed and spent the day home with my heating pad. Ohhhh my.

However in happier plantar fasciitis is getting much better...i've run 60kms so far this week and after my most recent 15km run my foot felt pretty great with almost zero pain later. Somebody told me that a big thing to do other than icing my foot is to put heat on your calves because if they're really tight then it's a major contributor! I think it's really helping, i'm so excited. PLUS...I just got a pair of zoot compression socks that I could probably live in after a long run...they're fabulous and I think they're really helping me out! Wahoo.

So i'm going to enjoy my day off from exercise...take Logan out for a nice walk (crazy huskies, love this snow and temps!) and then retire for the evening to enjoy some Grey's Anatomy (my dirty little secret...although I guess I just spilled the beans :)

This weekend is going to be a's my friday off this week so i'll be running some hills and going for a climb at the Stronghold (if my neck is ok with this!)...saturday i'm going for a big snowshoe with the pup, and sunday is my long run in 10 degree weather!! Can't wait.



  1. Best thing to do with compression socks - when you're done running, lay on your back with your feet up for 5 minutes THEN put the socks on. This will help to keep the blood from pooling and then being locked in your calves by the compression socks. Keeps the calves warm with good may already know all of this;)

  2. Actually I didn't! I wouldn't have thought of that...thanks Missy!!

  3. You always sound so up-beat - that's great despite those freezing temps you are heaving. I can't even imagine. Keep icing and heating your leg; both work the best. My lab by the way is just the same; he loves the snow and goes for swims when it's below zero!

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. You are going to put those hot compression socks to good use at TransRockies. I think they are dead sexy too! We'll see you there. I'm playing Sherpa-slave-bitch to Holly and Keith who are partnering up for that little runny-run this year. Welcome to the Blogosphere!

  5. Hey Leslie, yeah those socks are amazing...totally worth the $$$!! It's funny, I was looking for info on Transrockies a long time ago and your blog was one of the first things I came across...I feel like I already know you, Keith and Holly haha (no, i'm not a stalker seriously) :) I'm terrified of the race though...i'm sure i'll be asking you tons of advice in the coming months! :)