Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I wanna be an Ironwoman too...

So...I have some friends that do triathlon...and a few more that do ironman...and it's always always always been something that has interested me...I wanna do ironman too! I get so darn excited when it's on is it ever inspiring. I've heard it's quite addicting once you start racing tri's as that my problem, why i'm so hesitant to try one? I don't know...I mean i've got 2 out of the 3 sports down pat...I grew up as a competitive swimmer so there's no problem there...and i'm already a runner...sweet...i think what my problem with the bike! I do have a decent road bike which I enjoy so why don't I just put all 3 sports together and race a tri and hopefully eventually an ironman?!

I think i've been watching too much Tour de France in the past...I know I won't be going anywhere near that fast but boy do I get freaked out when I see them wipe out on their bike. I have this fear of falling off my road bike that I can't explain! I remember reaching 60km/hr going down some crazy hills in Gatineau Park when I lived in Ottawa and I think I had my brakes on the entire way!! It's not quite the same when I mountain bike as I assume, or hope that i'll land somewhere relatively soft :)

I've been thinking so much about it lately and it doesn't help that i've been asking my ironman friends more and more about it. Unfortunately with all of the trail races i've entered this summer I don't really have any time to fit in training for or completing a tri along the way. Yet I still want to go to Penticton this summer, watch ironman and register for IMC 2010...what to do what to least I have a lot of time to think about it! Who knows, maybe you'll see me in line signing up on Aug.31st!!

Anyways, it's most definitely on my list of things to do...I just have to stop being a wimp and do it already! If that 80+ year old Nun can do it, then why can't I?? As for today, I've got almost an hour left of work and then it's off to do a big hill workout...I'm thinking i'll take my frustrations out on the Calgary Curling Club hill as well as those lovely stairs and that will kick my butt nicely!


  1. So interesting to hear how people are drawn to triathlons... I myself have nooooooo desire to do it, so I am in awe of those that are!

    You've got a pretty fun race schedule for this year!

  2. Hi Holly! Yup, i've always been drawn to them but too chicken to try it so far! Guess we'll see how it goes! Yup I think we're gonna cross paths at TransRockies! I'm terrified :)

  3. Don't worry - I'm terrified too!!! And I'll see you at Powderface because I'm volunteering this year :)

  4. I hope to do a tri someday. I am NOT a swimmer so that is going to take a lot of work, and right now I am not ready for that.

  5. You already have what most people consider the 'hardest' part - the swim. I could go on for WHY it is hard and it's not the distance, it's all those bodies. Remember TDF and a tri are nothing alike because you're not that close to people if that is one of your worries. Going down DOES suck, no two ways about it. Only done it in training once. You can do it, find a local sprint just to see if you like all three together, something super short.

  6. Ah well, I'm a chicken on the downhills too, but as long as you ride safely you should be okay! What Missy said about triathlons and the TDF being different is really true.

    If you want something to get your feet wet I'd really recommend the Strathmore Women's Tri. Plenty of first timers out there, nice easy bike course, super enthusiastic volunteers... That's how I got hooked! Plus it is two weeks before IMC, so you'd be able to race and have a good amount of time to debate a trip out to Penticton to register for IMC 2010.

  7. It's good to have many goals and good they don't happen all right away. This is what keeps me going!

    Are you running with your dog? I just started running with ours and it's not that easy I must say.

  8. Hey Stephanie, I totally agree...I find it's exciting to achieve a goal but sometimes a little disappointing at the same time (for me anyway) if I don't have anything else I'm wanting to do. It was strange to qualify for Boston after wanting it for so was like great...but what next?!

    Funny that you mentioned running with my is super tough! I'm glad to hear i'm not the only one having trouble. I take him on my super slow runs now and then and I know I should take him more but it's super frustrating! I'm not a fan of those choker type collars...but I wonder if it would help when we're running?