Friday, February 20, 2009

NYC Marathon

Well this morning I decided to enter the lottery for the NYC Marathon! Look at this picture...can you imagine being here at the start of the race? Freaking awesome! I'm quite excited even though I don't expect to get in. You know what kinda sucks that you can get guaranteed entry based on your best marathon or half marathon time. So for the half marathon I would need a 1:37:00...and my best is a 1:37:05 gun time (1:36:57 chip time)...i'm pretty sure they're not as lenient as the Boston marathon where apparently they'll accept you if you're 1 or 2 mins over the cut off time I believe. Anyhow, no worries because NYC is only 2 months after the Transrockies nightmare I've got going on at the end of August (I say nightmare but i'm SUPER excited...just terrified is all lol). So if I get into the race then sweet! And if I don't then maybe once i'm finished Transrockies I'll be relieved that I don't have to continue to train for an upcoming marathon!

So welcome to Friday...i'm pretty excited for it and the weekend! I've got a 12 km run at lunch...10kms of which are at marathon race pace. Ohhhh I forgot to mention my swim last night...I made it to 3000m...yay for me. Realistically I should have made up an actual practice in advance but I figured I'd just wing it and make it up as I went along. Not too shabby for my first night back in the pool!


  1. You could run for a charity. It's what I did. Then you get in automatically. But with that said NYC just can't top a trail race!

    Happy Friday!

  2. This is true but I figure after all of the trail races i've got going on this summer I wouldn't mind trying to run a really fast marathon in the fall and see what I can do! I expect i'll be stronger, faster, fitter by then I hope! :) I never really thought about going the charity route...but I figure i'll just leave it up to the lottery to decide!Whichever way it works out will probably be for the best :)

    Happy Friday indeed!!

  3. Yay for getting into the pool! Half the battle is just getting there and getting in. You made it that far. Way to go. Going armed with a workout is super helpful too. I end up farting around when I don't have something in hand - intervals, time goals etc.