Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where did my wimpiness come from today?!

So i'm pretty much against the treadmill...like no way, no how, never...I run outside and that's how it is. As soon as I step on that thing I immediately feel like i'm going to lose my mind...even if there's a tv infront of me. All things changed this morning...I woke up feeling cranky, wimpy, whiney...what happened overnight? I woke up to snow and a crappy weather forecast...that's what set my mood for the day...What was the weather like today in Calgary? It's pretty clear out there now but all morning we were in the middle of a heavy snowfall warning situation along with -14 and a WC of -22.

What happened to the girl that regularly runs in snow, in rain, in -20, in whatever? Apparently she decided to take the day off and I was left thinking maybe the treadmill won't be so bad at lunch for a quick tempo run...argh. All I could manage was 4 miles and then I had to get off!! It was a super hard and quick 4 miles...but it was on the treadmill nevertheless. I stretch a bit, head back into the changeroom and there's this lady changing and getting ready for a run outside....I hang my head in shame...I should have sucked it up and went out there. Ah well, there's always tomorrow I guess to redeem myself...supposed to be another lovely one...-17. Get me to the weekend!!! The forecast looks great for some snowshoeing, my long run...and potentially skiing at Lake Louise?...warmer and sunny :)


  1. Some change is not so bad! I find treadmill running and trail running so very different that I can't even compare them. Trails will always be trails! And mills make me space out and think of trails:-)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog -- yes, the one arm support toilet drop is quite normal among folks like us:) Congrats on your dreamill run -- next time you'll opt for outside and won't have to hang your head in shame....