Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome to my blog!

I'm new to this so you'll have to bare with me as I try to figure out how to download pics etc! So what is the purpose of this blog? I'm just a girl who is very passionate about life and getting outside and enjoying herself...I guess it's a way for me to express myself, my ideas, thoughts etc. and share with everyone my adventures! First and foremost...those that know me, know i'm a runner...that's my thing...that's what I love the most and keeps me happy. I seem to think about running pretty much 24/7 and am constantly making goals for myself and planning races etc.

How did I go from hating running with a passion to it being one of the things i'm most passionate about? Good question...I blame my dad somewhere along the way :) In highschool I was a rower...if the lake was "red flag"...meaning too windy to row on (which is quite common in Newfoundland!)...then we either rowed on the erg...or went for a run...often up Signal Hill (that's in St.John's, NOT Calgary). Those who know St.John's, know that running up Signal Hill is a pretty hard and painful run. But the more we were forced to run, the more I liked it...funny how that happens.

I grew up with a dad who was/is a runner...running 6 days a week...a super FAST marathoner when he was racing...and I mean FAST! I guess part of that rubbed off on me and once I got into it, I knew I wanted to run marathons too! Now, low and behold, i've qualified for the Boston Marathon and i'm off to run that in oh...10 weeks from yesterday :) Training is going well so far...but I have had to deal with plantar fasciitis in my left foot for about 3 months now...but let's not get into that right now! Ok well that's about it for tonight...I hope everyone is having a great week as the cooler weather is coming back to Calgary. Oh how I do love those Chinooks though.....


  1. I ran Boston in '08. Love that race. I want to requalify this year so I can go back in '10 with my cousin and redeem my time. I was sick and had a terrible time, for me anyways. Good luck with the training. I hope to do an ultra some day. I think I need to wait till the kids are a bit older and both of them are in school full time. But it is on my goal list.

  2. You may not know how to upload pictures yet but your header is THEE best. Wow, what a site, just beautiful. Crap, I'd never see Boston except as a charity case;) Best of luck to you, that rocks!