Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fabulous Sunday running :)

I think today was the longest i've ever run in my life...not in terms of distance but in terms of time on my body felt good and I was impressed with myself! What was planned as a slow 35km run turned into a 38km run at a slightly quicker pace...and I know you're probably thinking big deal...3 extra km! But when you plan to be back at your house at a certain distance but still have another 3 to kind of sucks lol. Annnyways, the run was good...i've been lying on the couch pretty much ever since enjoying a heating pad on my calves and some ice on my heel. I don't feel quite as mentally exhausted as I often do after a long run...but we'll see how I feel tomorrow...usually the monday after i'm pretty much a zombie at work all day :)

Luckily I passed the Talisman Centre twice as I was in desperate need to pee towards the beginning and end of my run. Funny how I've never ever had to pee during a race but always need to go at just 5km into my long run. I'm assuming though as I get past the marathon distance and into the bigger races that I'll have to get used to having to stop on the trail...and in an ironman? What do people do then? I've heard some pee on their bikes while riding? I don't know if i'm into that...once I finally spend a small fortune and get a sweet sweet ass bike...i really don't think i'm going to want to pee on it...but who knows? I'm sure one of you will have a comment about that lol.

Yesterday was pretty fun...i've met a new friend who is a triathlete/ironman and I wanted to go to Tri-It and look at the compression socks and some other things there and he wanted to go around to some tri and bike stores as he's getting a ton of new gear...including a new tri bike! Anyways, it was pretty exciting for me to go to these stores and I was learning more about totally got me more excited for doing triathlon...funny how I can be so excited over something like that when I won't even get to do one this summer because of all the road and trail races i'm doing. My current plan though is to go to Penticton right after Transrockies ends, watch Ironman Canada and then sign up for IMC 2010 the next day...

ok, time to get supper in the works and then retire back to my couch for the evening :) Another short work week ahead as i've got friday off this week...wahoo!

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  1. I know what you mean about the last 3 km of a long run! They can be the longest ever!!! Glad you had a great time out on the trails.

    Peeing on the bike? whoa - that's pretty hard core. But, all we athletes seem to be a bit on the dirty side;-)