Friday, March 6, 2009


Good morning! It's a beautiful sunny day out there...-16 right now though...just waiting for it to warm up a little bit before a nice fairly easy 20km run i've got planned today. I don't think I mentioned my exciting news this week yet...I finally booked my flight to Boston for the marathon! It actually feels real now...6 weeks and 3 days till race day :) Wow it's really been creeping up on me fast and I like that i'm finally starting to get excited!

Yesterday was cold...which I don't mind...but the wind was intense...which made it pretty ridiculous...i just couldn't get out there so I did some hill training on the treadmill...actually turned out not too bad! I had a nice 10min warmup and then a half hour of slow uphill running...i held a good pace for the whole half hour and had a pretty steep incline going on the treadmill. It was quite the workout! I've never really done anything like that before...usually i just find a really hilly run to go on or run hill repeats somewhere!

Even though Boston is close and i'm excited...i'm really really excited for the Transrockies race in brother and I have been making plans and's pretty cool. I'm trying to get some really good hill training in right now as a good base for this summer...more hills than I normally do while training for a marathon. I'm definitely noticing a huge difference in my strength and how much easier I find running hills than I used to. It's great!

After taking last sunday off from a long run for some much needed rest, i'm really looking forward to a big one this sunday. Sometimes I wonder if it's super weird how much I love much I think about much I plan my days, weeks, months, vacations around makes me so happy. I love being a runner :)

Anyhow, since i've discovered the lovely world of blogging and found so many great other blogs to follow of people doing and loving the same thing as me...i realize that i'm not the only crazy one out there who thinks about running, triathlons, training as much as I do! I look forward to reading all the new postings each day of the blogs that I really keeps me inspired and motivated too...especially on those days when i'm really not feeling like going for a run or workout. So thanks everybody! :) I know that after a crazy busy summer of running and races that I've got planned i'm going to really need you guys to get me through my transition into the lovely world of's super scary for me but i'm totally up for the challenge, the excitement, the adventure :)

Have a great day and a super weekend!


  1. OMG, Boston - that rocks! Only in my dreams. Very excited for you.

  2. Oh god, Thursday was brutal here! All of this swinging between cold and warm is driving me nuts! I can say that I wouldn't have been nearly as likely to head towards triathlons if it weren't for my blog. But it seems like a natural progression! Since you've already got the swimming down you've got the toughest part covered for most people entering triathlons.

  3. P.S. Yes! The Laird Hamilton book is DEFINITELY worth the purchase and read.


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  5. Thanks Missy, i'm pretty excited...6 weeks to go :)

    Leana - thursday was brutal...and it put me in a horrendous mood! Funny how the weather really really seriously affects my moods! Yup, the more I go swimming and think about tri's the more I want to do them...pretty exciting. Unfortunately while everyone says i'm set if i can already swim...i'm actually terrified of the bike...I feel so awkward on a road bike...i know that'll change eventually but argh...scary!!!

    Naomi - thanks i've been wanting that book for a while and meant to pick it up this weekend but ran out of time! Looking forward to it! :)