Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What? Last day of June?

Seriously, where did June go? This summer is flying by and I feel like I've still got a lot of work to do before Transrockies! Training is coming along very nicely though and after this weekend past I'm definitely starting to feel more confident and more excited for Transrockies. I think I was a little worried that my hill climbing skillz were going to be pathetic and overall I wouldn't be able to keep up with my rockstar partner. Luckily this wasn't the case and I really surprised myself!

Steve and I got in 3 good long and semi-long trail runs on the weekend that all included some pretty tough climbs. I have to say I definitely left Vernon feeling stronger than when I got there! I'm heading back out to Vernon on thursday for another weekend of training runs and then i'll do somewhat of a taper next week before Powderface 42 the following Saturday. I'm getting super pumped for that race! The race is sold out but Steve is looking for a bib for it so if anyone knows of one for sale for the 42 let me know!

I'm a little beat out from the weekend and the long drive back home so I decided to take yesterday and today completely off. It's hard to make yourself do that sometimes but I'm definitely starting to get better at listening to my body. Tomorrow is Canada Day and I'm trying to figure out what i'd like to do on my day off from work!! I'd like to sleep in a bit...unfortunately for me, sleeping in means till about 7am! I'm so not a morning person yet I still wake up super early on days off...argh! I'd love to get a big hike in somewhere...haven't been out hiking in a couple of weeks.

I left my camera in Calgary this weekend so didn't get any trail running pics...but i'll leave you with this pic...check out the black bear trying to look in the windows of my parents trailer when they were in a campground in Eastport, Newfoundland. Pretty funny :)


  1. Great picture, holy crap, that's one hungry bear! Better there than on the trail.

  2. Cool Bear pic,We saw a coyote,deer,bear & a frog on our bike ride on Sunday,Not really anything out of the norm for Golden.
    When are ya gonna come out & run here in the mountains???

  3. Deb, good job on getting in great long runs last weekend! I am hoping to do the same this weekend now that my quad seems better. Time is flying by, like you mention -- June just flew!

    OMG -- that picture is crazy! I'm not sure how I would react if I saw a bear pounding on my RV, yikes! 8-)