Friday, June 26, 2009

Running is my multivitamin

I borrowed the title of my post from Kelly Roe's blog...thanks's a great one and definitely applies to me huge :) Kelly and her boyfriend are also teaming up for Transrockies and I'm super excited to meet them as well!!

I'm currently at my brother's place in Vernon. I love it here, what a great town! I left Calgary yesterday a little after 4 and got here a little after 10 Calgary time (9 BC time) takes pretty much exactly 6 hours. I'm pretty excited to be getting in some good running with my TR partner. Steve and Kira are both at work today so i'm going to just chill out and wander around Vernon.

Oh and guess who now lives in Vernon...and who my brother and wife had over for dinner a short while ago...Aaron Heidt! This guy came 3rd OVERALL in the Vancouver Marathon in a sick time...something like 2:36 I believe? He's a top Canadian ultrarunner and is on Team Montrail Canada! And of course...also competing in Transrockies. Holy crap...there are going to be some fast ass people at this race in 2 short months. Clearly they are not our competition...I mean we just want to have fun and finish the bloody thing. I am so excited to be going to a race where I get to meet these people, run "with" them and hang out with them for 6 days. It's going to be incredible.

This spring/summer so far has been the most exciting and fun racing season I've ever had...and it only gets better from here on! Running at Boston was amazing and I will be back next year and any year after that if I continue to requalify. I still love road racing and I don't think that experience at Boston will ever get old for me. But trail running/racing is still very new to me and boy am I hooked. After my first 50km 3 weeks ago I said to myself I can not picture running anything longer than that...and already I'm looking for 50 mile and 100km races I can do next year. Funny how that happens...I ran my first marathon in 2005 thinking at the end that I didn't know if I'd ever do that again...and now I can't seem to get enough! :)

Gary Robbins (from Newfoundland I might proudly add - living in Vancouver) is also one of the top Canadian ultrarunners and is racing in the very impressive Western States 100 mile race tomorrow...100 miles people!! That is so exciting and I find him and his blog super inspiring and motivating. I just know he's going to rock it!

Good luck to everybody racing this weekend. I'll be training my butt off as I get ready for Powderface 42 in 2 very short weeks. Surprisingly I'm feeling nervous for this one...but very excited. I love what I do :) For those of us hard and enjoy it...we've so lucky to get to do what we love every day!


  1. have a great time in vernon! i love it there. sun and lake and fun...what more could you ask for?

    after all this IM stuff my plan is to get back to nature and do the trail running thing too. i just love being in the trees. it's my happy place. :)

  2. I'm the boyfriend of Kelly's, who you took the idea from for your blog post. We look forward to meeting you too at TransRockies this year. We're Team New Leaf Ultra. It'll be a blast!

  3. I left you a comment back on my blog explaining the whole WS100 thing.

  4. Hi Deb! Hope you fortified yourself with some great running this past weekend! :-) I am hoping this weekend to get back on track with TR training as my quad is feeling much better with the help of time and PT. Less than two months to go! 8-)