Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Night with Coldplay!

Last night I was lucky enough to see my favorite band for the second time...Coldplay!! Here I am with my best friend Leanne sitting in what turned out to be some kick ass seats!!! (thanks to Leanne's sister Allison for coming through with the attempts failed! damn Ticketmaster!)

Me, Leanne, her sis Allison, Justine

We're anxiously awaiting Coldplay to come onstage! Snow Patrol opened up for them and are also seriously awesome!! I definitely recommend checking out their music!

It's a full house at the Saddledome!!

Well that's it for pics from last night as actual concert photos never come out! I took a ton of great videos though that came out well! Coldplay was absolutely fantastic and did in no way disappoint...I couldn't have asked for anything more! Here's a little clip of them singing "Yellow"...Enjoy :)

I was home and in bed by midnight and decided to give myself an extra half hour of sleep before getting up this morning...yeah, I slept in till lucky wha? I could seriously pass out on the couch right now but I promised Logan we'd go up to Nose Hill for a run! We've got some crazy thunderstorms going on in Calgary this afternoon/evening and as the latest one just passed I think i'd best get ready to get out there quick!

Have a great evening everyone! It's almost the weekend, woot!!



  1. Looks like a fun time. We also had lots and lots of thunderstorms here:-(

  2. Hi Deb, looks like you had a blast! I am going to see Coldplay in July, I'm really looking forward to it!

    TransRockies training is kinda "rocky" right now ;-) because I have a strained quad (luckily it's minor). I went to a sports med doc yesterday and he says I'm ok to run but I have to avoid hills (uh oh) and suggested physical therapy. I also have to cut down the mileage a little bit. At least I can still run, though!

    This weekend I'm taking part in a group fun run -- start line is a brewery in Chicago, finish line is a brewery in Milwaukee, WI. 100 miles of running in between and we're all running together. ( Everyone one is running various distances from 20-100, while a couple guys will be running the whole thing. I plan on 25 miles. During the downtime we're crewing for the two guys. Also, we are running in costumes...should be interesting!!!

    Hope your training is going well -- it looks like it from your posts. Good for you!

    Happy TR Training :-),