Monday, June 1, 2009

Team Pine Line! :)

My brother and I have settled on our team name for Transrockies....Team Pine Line! We hadn't come up with anything very good and we needed to sort it out soon as we had to finish our registration this weekend and wanted to finally have a name! Anyhow, as the name of my blog is "Pine Line Runner" I decided to throw it out there and see what he'd think. None of you would have any idea why my blog is even called's nothing really imaginative but the name of the street we grew up on and that my parents still live on is called "Pine Line" :). Pretty simple eh? So that's where my blog name comes from and now our Transrockies team name!

I ran my first ever 25km trail race this weekend...and it went very well and I had awesome fun...not sure if I was running quick to avoid people passing me or just cuz I was terrified of bears and wanting to get the heck out of there lol. Anyhow, I'll give you a race report soon.

I'm just trying to figure out if I'm going to do the 25km trail race in Kelowna next weekend or the 50km. The longest i've ever run is a marathon obviously...and it's on a road...and it doesn't take nearly as long. The longest training run i've done is 4 hours and again it was on the road. I feel like a reasonable time for a 50km trail run for me would be 6 hours? but I really have no idea. Guess it depends on how hilly it is and all that too. That seems long and seeing as how i've never run that long on the road or the trail I'm a bit reluctant. But wouldn't it be fun!!!

I had decided for a while that 50km was nuts and was definitely sticking with this morning I register for 25km...and then I start thinking, damn, 50km would be really cool...I should be doing that instead. So I guess we'll see! It'll be a surprise and I might not make up my mind till race day. :)

Oh and from my lack of talk about the Calgary half marathon I planned on doing yesterday...obviously I didn't do it! While I wasn't really that sore overall from Saturday's hip and IT band that has been giving me some grief were not happy on Sunday morning. I woke up 5am on sunday still planning on running it but when I hobbled to the bathroom I thought to myself...this half marathon is probably a very bad idea whether I go slow or not. I don't want to get seriously injured before the summer has barely started!

Despite the enormous guilt I was feeling (I don't really know why), I decided to go back to bed for a couple of hours. I got up in time to take my dog out for a walk and watch the marathoners all run by my house on their way back to the finish. My house is at about the 33km mark and I did see a couple of runners I knew that looked awesome at that point...including you Cam...I totally saw you!! You looked great and hopefully you had a great race! I look forward to your race report!

Ok that's it for now folks! I'll blog about my race soon :)


  1. Probably a good idea to listen to your body and not do the half, especially since it isn't a goal race for you.

  2. Woohoo, glad you had a great trail race.

  3. Thanks deb,I didnt see ya(sorry)That course was soooooooo hilly and tough.I got my Boston Qualifier though,So I can run with no pressure this fall & try to run alittle faster!!!Sick eh?!

    Have a good run this weekend!!!June 6th is my 40th bday so i am sending you some good vibes.If you are out this way look me up.later,Cam.

  4. I was wondering how your racing week was! Sounds like you made a good call. You have bigger and better things on your schedule!

  5. oh i've been thinking about doing the transrockies! it'll be great to read about your adventures leading up to and during it.

    that's cool about your upcoming race. and high five for being smart enough to know when to race and when not to. heal the hip/IT band an giver next race!