Sunday, January 20, 2013

Twas a good training week!

Last week was a great week of training! I ran a total of 80km which actually felt pretty good and my legs handled it well! The past few marathons I've raced, there's been no set training for them. Aside from last year's early season Calgary marathon which happened to be my 3rd weekend in a row of racing, usually a marathon for me has come at the end of a long trail racing season. I've done really well but again most of my training was on the trails and I threw in a marathon for fun to see how I'd do in the fall! This year is different, my winter/spring training is focusing on the marathon - getting a lot of mileage in and actually getting in regular weekly speed/interval sessions. Again, that's new for me! I'm trying to be a little more structured!

That being said, while i'm excited to race the marathon and hopefully attain my time goal, i'm pumped for some serious time on the trails and hopefully some great racing this season. Gary Robbins killed it at the HURT 100 this weekend and it was super inspiring. He's been making his way back from injury for a while now and he's probably in the best shape he's ever been - and breaking in course record by over 30 mins. I was glued to the live updates of the race all day yesterday and was pumped to wake up this morning and discover he'd won.

While all I want to do is run a ton everyday, clearly there needs to be regular rest days and easy days. Today is just that! No running for me today - just some fun longer dog walks on a beautiful yet coooold Calgary day.

That's it for now - enjoy a great Sunday! Ready for another great training week ahead!


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  1. Just found your site: :) Your quite the runner!