Sunday, January 27, 2013

Last weekend in January!

I had a fun weekend! There was a lot of relaxing, running, hiking, good food and some girl time. Andrew was off on a guys ski trip to Revelstoke and I definitely got a good fill of me time this weekend. It was all about me me me :) Those are good now and then!

Saturday morning involved some coffee, oatmeal and a serious amount of laziness till around 1pm! I was shocked at the time and realized I better get my butt in gear and out the door for a run! I had planned on 20km for my long run this week as i'm slowly slowly increasing the distance of these runs. I'm at 4 months out from marathon day so there's no need to be going insane with the long running yet! I have been maintaining longer weekly mileage than i'm used to though and it's feeling pretty good so far. This was my second week at 80km and i'd like to get comfortable at that weekly distance before moving up closer to 100+ km. Again...4 months out, no need to do anything crazy!

Beauty day at Nose Hill

Saturday night my girlfriends and I went out on our monthly date night. This month we tried Black Betty Burger & Winebar. I can't comment on the burgers, I probably should have tried one though since i'm assuming it's good for burgers and wine? But they had like 8 different types of grilled cheese and I just had to have one! It was quite good - brie, poached apples, maple pepper bacon, and applewood cheddar. Yum!

Today was my day off from running! Ahhh, it was nice! I wanted to check out what COP (Canada Olympic Park) was like for running so decided to take Logan there for a good hike this morning. Nose Hill was pretty icy in spots yesterday so I wasn't sure what COP would be like. I wore my microspikes in case it turned out to be crazy but it was actually nicely packed snow with no ice.

Logan and I had a blast. I had him tied around my waist and he was just pulling me along. He's getting older and while you wouldn't know to look at him as he rips around, he's been known to hurt his paw sometimes when he gets all fired up racing through the trees. I think he sprained it once a few years ago and now it seems easy for him to aggravate it again. So it wasn't an off leash day.

We had a great morning and took a few pics of our little hike. Can't wait to get back there soon for a good run!

 Fun single track

 Hidden Gem at COP
 Logan checking out the city on top of a huge slab
Logan wants to go for a ride!
Finished off my day with a weekly house cleaning/laundry extravaganza and made a huge pot of chili. Thinking of an early bedtime for some reading. Good night!

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  1. Cool to see you still have your passion for running! Looks like you are in a good mindset for 2013. Remember to have fun. If you dont like what you are doing then you should not be doing it...