Thursday, January 24, 2013

Decision made!

Registration for Death Race was yesterday. While it's filling up really fast, i don't think it's sold out yet. However, I did finally make a decision yesterday to not register. There's a couple of reasons. One being, I just don't think i'll be recovered properly within 4 weeks from Sinister7 to race Death Race. I don't want to do it just for the sake of doing it. If i'm going to register for a race like that, then I want to do well! And seeing as how I came 2nd last year, I'd definitely be aiming for a podium spot again!

My second reason for not doing it is that the race fee is insane...something like $325 I believe it is. I'm not a sponsored athlete and that is a ton of money to fork over! Andrew and I have a month long trip to Europe planned in September so i'm busy saving money for that. Like my brother also mentioned to me yesterday - by the time August rolls around, i'm starting to get tired of training and racing and mentally preparing. I think it'll be nice to have my big races over by early July and then enjoy the rest of the summer.

That being said, I did register for one more race to add to my schedule - Iron Legs 50 mile which is in mid August. I raced it in 2011 and it was awesome and I somehow managed to win it. This year i'm hoping with all the extra training i've been doing for Sinister7 that i'll be able to smash my 50 mile time. It's a tough course and I managed a 9:39. I would be thrilled if I could break 9 hours! That's my goal. Hopefully recover goes well after Sinister7 as i'll have 6 weeks until Iron Legs. Even if i'm not fully recovered, it'll still be a fun day out in the mountains!

I'm in the middle of another solid week of training and looks like Calgary is thawing out for the weekend, wahoo!

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