Thursday, February 4, 2010

Less than 3 months....

Ok ok...I KNOW I'm jumping the gun here and getting a little too excited by my foot's progress...and perhaps even jinxing myself but....

Deb Russell is now Registered for Calgary Police Half-Marathon

I can't help it! This is one of the races I've been planning on doing for a while and I haven't raced it since 2007. Oh my...i've got less than 3 months to prepare...the race is April 25th! I highly doubt there will be any PBs going on so I should just settle on being happy to race again eh?

Registration opened on saturday and this race sells out FAST...and I briefly thought about signing up that day and then said point in doing a race so soon. I decided to check today if there were any spots left and there were so I said screw it! If something happens and I can't run it then it's no big deal as it's a very easy race to sell your bib for!

This is going to be kind of interesting for me as I've never really trained for a half marathon...or the shorter stuff! Usually i'm in the middle of marathon training or something and just decide on a whim to do a half marathon or 10km as part of training. I guess I'll try and approach this race differently!

I think partially the reason for deciding to sign up afterall is the great runs i've been having...i'm so pleased with my foot!! Sunday was my longest run so far...11km and I felt great! Tuesday I ran 9km with half of it at tempo pace...then last night I joined the group for a 10km tempo run which was fun! I miss running with a was me and about 10 definitely suits me best to be running with a faster crowd as I definitely push myself harder!

Wahoo, i'm officially training for a race again!!


  1. 3 months, 12 weeks, I think that is enough time to train for a 1/2. Maybe don't push the speedwork so soon. I mean the interval workouts, tempo's are fine. As long as it feels good, do it!

    excited for you!