Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunshine at Sunshine!!

I never thought I'd ever ever hear myself say this...but i'm actually starting to fall in love with skiing...OMG!! :) What the heck happened to me? I've always liked to ski...key word being *liked*...but I was just ok at it...I could manage to get down some blue runs without killing myself and that was that. I never cared too much to buy ski gear as I never thought I'd go often enough and because I wasn't that great at it I didn't really see the point. So far this year I've gone skiing more than I ever have in a season...and winter's not even close to being over! Every time I go skiing I see big improvements whether it be in my technique, being more relaxed as I ski, or in my confidence to try harder stuff...and saturday was no exception!

I couldn't find anyone to go skiing with this weekend but I really really wanted to go. The more I thought about it the more I realized...why not go by yourself?! Great idea! I woke up bright and early at 6am on saturday initially thinking...ugh, I had such a crappy sleep...maybe i should just roll over and go tomorrow? After about 15 mins I finally got up to get ready and started to get excited! I decided to head to Sunshine for the day as they've had the most snow in the last week compared to Lake Louise...also if Lake Louise doesn't get any snow they seem to be super icy which I hate!

I wasn't sure what the weather was supposed to be like at the hill...and as I left a cloudy foggy Calgary that morning I thought Banff would be the same...And when I got to the hill it did look the same! But as I took the lift up to the very top, we broke through the fog and it was amazing up there! You can get an idea of what I mean with the fog situation in some of these pics I took. Eventually it all burned off and it was an awesome warm bluebird day!!

Sigh...St.John' home...soooo far away!

You can just barely make out one of the ski lifts breaking out of the fog...

Svelte :)

Some extremely hungover Aussies I met at the top

Looky blue runs for this girl!!! :)

Surprisingly skiing by myself was actually pretty great...I got to bypass the massive gondola line up when I first got there as I went into the singles line and passed everybody...the same thing happened all day long in the lift line-ups...just got into the single line which was usually empty and passed everyone! I don't know if I've ever continuously skied so much in one day! My legs were exhausted by the end...and it didn't help that I had a really tough leg workout at the gym on friday!!

On sunday I had planned to get up early and run with the group to get my long run out of the way nice and early. But I was exhausted from skiing all day and then going to a late movie on saturday night that I decided to sleep in. I only had to do 15km...but for me not running more than 8 or 10 km in the past few months, it felt like an eternity...well, I think mostly because it was pretty cold out there! Usually -9 doesn't feel bad at all but there was windchill and Calgary has had this ice fog for a few days now...makes it feel sooo much colder. At the end of the run my legs felt super numb as if I'd been running in -30! Anyways, I was just happy to get the run in and not wimp out because of the weather!

I had promised Logan all day that we were still in fact going to the dog park that day. And after I had a hot hot shower and got warmed up, I took him up to Edworthy park to get his run in! He had a blast and met a lot of dogs to chase and be chased!


  1. I LOVE Sunshine! Goat's Eye mountain is the best - I stay there all day whenever I go to Sunshine!

  2. Hi Deb

    Awesome pics of the slopes!
    I just found your blog! I am a transplanted Newfie too. run fast...3:12 Okanagan Marathon!! Your my new inspiration for my speed workouts :)


  3. Lisa - I totally agree, Goat's Eye is my fave as well!!

    Barb - thanks, and nice to meet you! Another Newfie...sweet :) What part are you from?

  4. I'm from the southwest coast..Isle Aux Morts? Thats out around Port Aux Basque. what about yourself?