Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The running blues...

Yes....I realize i've been a lazy blogger lately...thanks to many of you for pointing it out! I didn't realize it was that big a deal but apparently some of you actually enjoy reading this so I'll try to get back on the blogging bandwagon already! :)

I guess I just haven't had a lot going on since the marathon...nothing I thought would be interesting to blog about anyway! I took 9 days off from running and any form of activity really after the marathon (unless you count drinking? ;-) which was kind of nice but kind of annoying as well. The other thing I hate to do almost as much as I hate tapering...is recovering after a race. In my experience it always takes me quite a long time to recover after a big road race in comparison to a trail race...just another one of many many reasons why I prefer the trail to the road!

Anyhow...while my legs have felt decent since I started running again last week, my heel has not. Plantar fasciitis is proving to be the biggest pain in the ass yet. I haven't really been able to enjoy my runs as it's just a constant pain with every heel strike...bummer. I did a short trail run on the weekend in Kananaskis...around 15km or so and it really wasn't good...I feel out of shape trail running wise which sucks...but I guess that's what happens when you haven't been on the trails in 4 weeks and have been running on flat pavement...argh! No worries, I plan on rectifying that pretty quick!

The week is looking up as I'm looking forward to seeing the Flames vs. Avalanche hockey game tomorrow night...as well as some trail running on the weekend. Yeah I know...probably shouldn't complain about my heel so much if I refuse to take time off and keep running eh? I ran with this issue last winter while training for a marathon and I did manage to get rid of it...so i'm assuming i'll manage to do that again without taking time off :) Yes i'm stubborn.

Oh yeah...Banff winterstart 5 miler is in a week and a half...not sure how much speed my legs have left in them but it should be fun. Nothing better than running a night race with 1000 other runners and glowsticks....and then partying the night away in Banff after wha?



  1. A little break now and then is a good thing. I hope that heel gets better quickly.

  2. OFFSEASON!!!Take some downtime,You will come back stronger,but it is up to you...Hope everything else is going well.You could come out here & trail run in the snow a little.