Thursday, October 8, 2009


Sunday will be my 5th marathon (on the road)...and I don't know how I feel about it. I'm still relatively inexperienced when it comes to racing...especially I never really go into it with a game plan and still feel like I have no idea what i'm doing. And I keep going through waves of excitement and dread. On the one hand, I'm excited to run a road race again as I haven't done one since Boston way back in April...and after a summer of hard training and trail racing I feel like i'm stronger, fitter and faster.

However. this has been a long 2 weeks of taper for me and I just hate tapering more than starts to play mind games with you...making you doubt yourself and feel like you're not ready and that you should be doing more...even though it has always proved to be a good thing in the end. Then I get more and more nervous and anxious and want the damn race to get here already so I can calm down. I don't get this nervous for trail races and I think it's because I've never really paid attention to the clock and where I should be at certain points along the way. With road races I always have big goals for a certain time that I want to achieve and i'm never quite sure if they're unrealistic or not. Right now i'll keep that goal to myself and let you know next week if I achieved it or not!!

As of today, i'm feeling excited again and looking forward to getting out there and rockin it. I do best in cold temps and it's going to be a chilly start at 7am with a high of 8 for the day...sounds pretty great to me. I think as I get closer and closer to Sunday i'll continue to feel more and more excited and the feelings of doubt will go away.

Tomorrow is my friday off so i'll just wake up whenever I wake up...pack up Logan and my stuff and head off to Vernon. I'm excited to see Steve, Kira and my niece Julia again...especially for Thanksgiving!! Plus my brother is really really good at getting me pumped for races...he's always so stoked and optimistic. I'm still waiting to hear if he's decided to run it or's going to be a last minute decision on his part I guess.

That's it for now.....oh and good luck to Trevor who'll also be in Kelowna racing it, to Cam rockin the marathon in Victoria, and to Kelly racing the Chicago marathon!


  1. Good luck this weekend! I'm sure you'll do well and have fun whether the goal gets reached or not.

  2. Best of luck! It'll be a great day. You'll rock it.

  3. I'm just the same with races...get anticipation anxiety. So strange, because I should know by now! And keeping that goal as your secret makes total sense to me, too:-)

    Have a wonderful race - you'll kick ass!!!!

  4. Deb, you are going to do great! Best of luck to you. Thanks for the blog mention, too. :-) Chicago is going to be a blast!

  5. I know what your goal time is but I won't spill the beans. See you Sunday morning.

  6. Soory to mleave you out deb,Your blog is still on my list(always a good read)BUT you have to update it!!!
    I told you that you would have a good run there & you were pretty close to winning it!!!!Flat is where it is at,Hills SUCK!!!