Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is my favorite season!!

It was winter in Calgary this weekend...seriously...not cool. It was snowing on not ready for winter yet! Funny in a week and a half it went from 33 degrees to below 0. It's sad for me that Fall is my favorite season as it is soooo ridiculously short in Calgary.

Now that the colder weather is here, I think literally every single person around me is or has been sick...i've been fighting if off as best I can with Cold FX, Vit C, Echinachea etc...and it seems to be working well for the most part...except this weekend I did feel like complete ass. So while I had some runs planned I ended up bailing on them and doing zero exercise.

I think hopefully it'll be for the best as I have the Okanagan marathon in less than a week now...frig...that came quick didn't it? Wasn't I just running at Transrockies? Damn! Anyways, i've been quite excited for the marathon for a while but after feeling under the weather for a week i'm getting a little nervous. Plus the stupid taper always makes me feel out of shape and doubt myself...should be interesting to see how the whole thing plays out though!

Anyhow, since this weekend pretty much sucked for me...let us reflect on last weekend...which was AWESOME. I got out to the mountains both days and enjoyed Fall in all it's glory!!

On Saturday my friend Jason and I went for a 25km out and back along Jumpingpound to Cox Hill trail. It was a beautiful day despite the insane wind going on.

Jason freaking out the infamous Kananaskis "killer" cows!
Deb the Dork!

Cox Hill

Pumped to be at the top!

Woop woop!!

Jason rockin the downhill

On Sunday I joined some friends to hike Burstall Pass in Kananaskis. Again...another beautiful fall day....

Tara, Steph, Leanne, Ash, Jeanette
Dogs: Charlie and Logan
Ninja?! Nope...just dorky deb again! :)

My friend the Larch!

me and my boy!

Logan appreciates a good view too!


  1. Logan is beautiful! Every time I see your pictures I want to pack my suitcase and go to the mountains.

  2. Yes the picture of Logan & you is a good one.Hope you feel better for the race this weekend!!!Looks like it may be a cool start this year!Enjoy the drive out & all of the beautiful colors.Cam.

  3. Amazing pictures. I love the one of you with your boy, what a sweetie.

  4. Those Burstall Pass pics are amazing! Beautiful alpine rock. Julia is looking forward to seeing you this weekend. She's changed alot. See you soon.
    Love Big Bro