Thursday, November 12, 2009

Holy F(rustration)!!

Hmm...i thought after my last post I'd get better with my blog again not worse...geez. Guess I don't have a lot of stuff going on...well, I do...just not running related I suppose. Aside from running, life is pretty great these days.

I'm kind of depressed about running right foot is not cooperating at all...the thing is, it hurts less while i'm running than after the run and on my days off. I took today and yesterday off from running and my heel just continues to throb while walking around....and by the end of the day it aches so bad I can barely stand on it. It's super frustrating. I've read some other blogs lately of a couple of people also having to deal with plantar fasciitis...and they're managing 100 mile weeks...while I would be happy with a 50km week! Anyways, they've been talking about taping it which seems to help and i've read about the proper taping techinque for plantar fasciistis so I may try that this weekend for my long run.

So far this week I've only done 2 runs...a 20km on sunday where I felt pretty minimal pain for the first 10km and then the last 10 kind of sucked with foot pain. I impulse registered for a 10km race in December...not sure what I was thinking since i'm injured but who knows...maybe it'll be better by then? Anyways, after registering I then decided at lunch to go out and run a fast 10km...managed to do it in 45 mins which boosted my confidence. I also didn't experience much pain at all...not sure if it's because the quicker I run the less time my foot is on the ground? Makes sense. My PB is 42 so I'd love to get closer to 40...although my brother seems to think I could easily break 40 mins...but I don't agree...especially if i'm having troubles training because of my foot. Guess we'll see.

Ok, now I promise to try and blog more...


  1. Fro my experience with P.F I had to rest it for like a month. I biked all the time! was magically better. To the people who are doing 100 mile weeks with P.F probably dont have it because its way to painful to do anything quality with. Not even sure how you are managing it.

    Id suggest some serious deep tissue massage on your calves...they could be seriously tight.

    Good luck!

  2. Oh, no, sorry to hear about the foot! Keep icing and stretch! Do you have the trigger point therapy foot roller thing? That thing works wonders for rolling out your feet (and calves - which hurts!).

  3. I called it platter of fajitas. I have had the problem three times. Each time I was out 1-2 months not running. I did find ellyptical trainers were okay after a week or so, along with biking. Thus far I have gone over a year without the problem. Yeah, I agree, I am not sure who is putting on 100 miles weekly on any foot that feels like a hot platter of fajitas under it while running.

  4. Sorry to hear, Deb! That really, really sucks. My TransRockies team mate from last year had to take almost 5 months off her PF was so bad. 5 months because she didn't respect it when she first felt it. She ignored it for a looooong time and continued to race. After the 5 months and 3 doctors, 1 chiropractor and a few massage therapists and a whole lot of anguish and money, she ended up getting the Corticosteroid injection which she final had success with. So here's the part you don't want to hear: it's the perfect time of the year to take a break. You are so new to running and so talented! If you want to be running fast and strong next year, you need to take the time off to allow your body to recover. And PLEASE don't be offended by my online lecture....
    Good thoughts your way!!


  5. Ugh, sorry to hear about the nagging PF, Deb! Hopefully the pain is manageable (or just plain GONE!) for your 10k in a few weeks. I have a hunch you will do quite well. :-)

    After that, maybe try to take a complete break from running to get rid of it. It is good timing (hello, dead of winter!), though I'm sure that's hard to hear as it never seems like good timing to stop running!

    Sending healing vibes your way --> [[[ healing vibes ]]]

  6. It's awful how non-running is such a frustration and can take us down. I hope your foot heals soon.