Friday, May 15, 2009

Transrockies Team Name

My brother and I need to come up with a team name for Transrockies....i'm not usually very imaginative when it comes to that stuff so if you have any great ideas I'd appreciate you passing them on!!

Keep in mind that we are a couple of Newfies so that could also be incorporated into it somehow :) Actually, I'm heading home to NF on the red eye sunday night for a whole week...maybe i'll be inspired when i'm there :)

Have a great weekend everybody, i'm hoping to get in some serious trailrunning!


  1. Maybe as a way of answering the inevitable question you get when you tell people about this race, call your team:

    Team I Don't Like to Drive 113 Miles Either

  2. Have a good visit back east but take it easy on the Screech. How about something like 'Rockers from the East'?

  3. I like Chad's team name because I'm sure that's ALL you'll hear. How long is it again? Why are you going again?

    Team NewfiesFound...keep us posted. I'm not very creative either, sorry.

  4. Hey, Deb!
    Nice blog, and nice to find a fellow Transrockies runner! My team name is C'mere & C'mon. Have you picked a name yet? Looking forward to meeting you and your bro. More on TRR at my blog --