Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Ok soooo a long time ago I registered for the Crazy Soles Nipika Trail Run 25km in Kootenay National Park taking place on May 30th as my first trail race of the season. For some reason I had thought it was way closer to Calgary and then when I realized it was about 3 hours away I got to thinking maybe I wouldn't want to do it. So then I decided I wouldn't do it and ended up registering for the Calgary half marathon which is the day after this trail race on May 31st.

Now I can't decide which to do...I kind of want to do both. But I know I should be doing more trail races and less road races in preparation for Transrockies. Argh. I also feel like I could get a kick ass PB in the Calgary half but if I do the trail race the day before (no matter how easy I try to run it), i'm sure i'm asking for a slow half the next day. Do I care? Well I shouldn't but I'm sure I would seeing as how darn competitive I am. My second half of Boston was a PB so I can't help but think I should be able to beat it? Hmmm....

Bah, i'm so indescisive...I just started reading Sunshine Girl's race report from last year and now I want to do it. You know what part of my problem is? BEARS! How do I get into trailrunning/racing without freaking out about bears...i'm terrified. I don't want to be doing a race where i'm likely to be on my own for the most part...in the woods...and run into a bear. Bear spray does not make me feel safe. Maybe if I can find a partner who'll stick with me throughout the whole race I'll still do it...hmmm. Guess I could call up my bro and see if he's interested. I don't think he's quite there yet in terms of distance...he's slowly building up his long runs. Any of you guys want to be my running buddy in 3 weeks in Invermere? Come on...you know you want to... :)

I'm taking another day off from running today...still a bit sore from Sunday's run. I'm going to do some easy cardio for an hour...the stupid crosstrainer elliptical thing and probably some bike. The rain has now started in Calgary today so I don't feel too guilty about being inside!

Happy training! :)

(and seriously, if you want to be my running partner for a fun 25km trail race in 3 weeks let me know!!!)


  1. If TransRockies is your real goal race you are training for, you are probably best to do both races. You are going to have to be prepared for racing on multiple days and this is probably a great chance to test that out.

  2. I wish I would need to chose between 2 races! Always when I'm ready there is none!

    Yes - do both!!!

  3. Yeah! Those are the answers I wanted to hear, thanks guys :) Somebody give me some bear advice too please so i'll be really happy :)

  4. Yeah run em both!Bears are no big deal.They dont want anything to do with you,just make lots of noise.We get them in our yard & in front of our house all the time.I just yell at em & they run off(usually)
    I am actually tapering this week,BUT still running.So we'll see if the streak makes it this week???