Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Whirlwind Newfie Trip!

Well I've been back in Calgary for a few days now after a kick ass trip to Newfoundland. It was short but sweet and I managed to fit in lots of stuff that I wanted to do! I left Calgary at 12:40am on the red-eye Sunday evening (Monday) and although I took gravol for my motion sickness which normally knocks you out...I slept very little. I had a little girl sitting next to me who was sleeping over her mom's lap...the kids feet were tucked in next to me and kept kicking me throughout the flight everytime I managed to fall asleep...damn it! The mom kept apologizing and grabbing her feet but it didn't help me get anymore sleep!!

Anyhow, after getting home the first thing I did was walk down to Middle Cove Beach with my mom. We live about 2 mins outside of the City limits and about a 10 min walk down to the beach. It was a nice warm day and I've really missed that beach! I haven't been down there in years...brought me back to our bonfires we used to have and drinking on the beach back in the day...and me somehow ending up in the Atlantic Ocean hahaha...but I digress...

I wanted to get in a couple of longish trail runs while I was there and did I ever. I forgot how many great trails there are throughout the city! One thing I also forgot about was the wind...I know I know, how did I forget a thing like that? I guess I started believing that the winds back home are not as bad as I always thought they were...well they are...and when you think that's bad, well they're even worse than that! I have a feeling that's part of the reason why I didn't grow up as a triathlete! I can not imagine riding in winds like that...and they don't seem to end. The entire week I was there was all of my runs were tough! Am I complaining? Nope, I still enjoyed every minute of each run :) I went out one evening with my dad...he's 60 years old and can still run my ass into the ground :) I love it!

One of the days I was home I went on a hike with my parents, my aunt, and her boyfriend. We did the Lamanche hike which is part of the East Coast Trail...a fabulous trail system along the coast of the Avalon Peninsula. Here are some pictures of us on our hike :)

I also managed to get in some time with my Newfie girls back home. Oh how I've missed them! 5 of us went out to Quintanas one night (my most favorite Mexican restaurant ever) where I enjoyed a fab chicken taco salad (the same salad i've been getting since I first started going here with these girls when we were 13!!!) and some yummy drinks :) That night we decided to go for a beer next door to a local pub called Big Ben's that I haven't been to since the day I graduated high school 12 years ago lol. It's exactly the same. Here are a couple of pics of me at the pub and enjoying some delicious Rickards White :)

Ok folks, that's trip to Newfoundland in a much as i could fit in in 5 days :) Forgive my haphazard mess of photos...I don't add pics very often so i don't seem to know what i'm doing yet! :)


  1. Deb,That is a beautiful place!Why did ya move to Calgary???Hope you are feeling well & ready to run lots this weekend.Any decision on doing both races yet???Later,Cam.

  2. welcome home! or rather welcome back to calgary ha. thanks so much for sharing the pics. it looks amazing there! the winds we've been having here lately should make you feel like you are in NFLD! haha.

  3. That sounds like a great trip for you. Always wonderful to see family and friends.

  4. Looks like tons of fun and what a beautiful landscape!