Tuesday, January 26, 2010

NYC Marathon?

Yesterday I submitted my entry for the NYC Marathon on November 7th. For women under 39 to qualify for guaranteed entry and skip the lottery process you need to have a marathon time of 3:23. You would think that means I'm automatically in but the form is silly...you apply on the same lottery form as everyone else and it has a little spot that says if you're applying for guaranteed entry then put in your marathon time and which race you qualified in. I've heard of people still getting rejected even though they "qualified" as they had just been thrown into the regular lottery.

After applying my status says "in lottery" and it was suggested to me to email them about it, which I did. I'm impressed that they wrote me back so quickly and said to give them a few days to verify my time and if I don't see a change in my online status in about 10 days to let them know. Soooo...i'm hoping that means it won't be a problem and i'll be in! If for some reason I get rejected them i'm going to look at running Chicago on Oct.10th, Seattle on Nov. 28th, or Vegas on Dec. 5th.

While I thought that I was getting sick of road races after all the fun trail running and racing I did last year, I'm actually looking forward to another road marathon in the future. I have a pretty hefty time goal I'd like to achieve and I definitely think I can do it (am gonna keep that time goal to myself for a while though sorry! :). I still plan on doing tons of trail running this summer and a few trail races i'll be focusing on once i'm back full on running again!

In the mean time, i'm still working on getting rid of the plantar fasciitis. I took 2 full weeks off and since then I ran 2 short runs last week completely without pain. I've been waking up every morning with virtually zero pain which is amazing...I think i've gone the last year with always some form of pain in my heel in the morning! I'm itching to get out there on long runs again but i'm holding back and will stick to the shorter runs for now. I'm actually a bit scared to increase the distance and have the pain come back so i'm going to settle on just being happy to get out there and run pain free...no matter how short the run is!

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