Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Change of Plans...

So...remember all those times when I said my foot is getting better yada yada yada? Well, it's not. It is better than what it was...but it still hurts...and still hurts like a mofo at times. Guess what else hurts? My knee...on the same leg as the bad foot. I have hardly been running...maybe 3 times a week and very rarely anything longer than an hour...and haven't had knee issues in like 10 i'm pretty sure my knee hurts because i'm compensating and running and walking differently due to my foot (especially in the morning when my foot hurts most and I end up walking on the side of my foot). Awesome.

So instead of writing you guys and saying, i'm definitely taking a month off and then changing my mind a day later like last time...well, I really am taking time off...and to be honest, I don't even mind. I've been having fun doing lots of other things when I haven't been running...I've been doing more downhill skiing and plan on doing lots more...I'm going to be taking Logan out on some awesome showshoeing adventures...and a bunch of my friends all have xc skis and I haven't taken advantage of using mine as much as I should. I feel like the last week i've had this revelation that it's not a big deal if I can't body clearly needs a serious break from it. If I don't get to race the races I wanted to this summer then i've realized i'm really ok with that as i've already got lots of other adventures wheeling around in my head that I'd like to do. It's not a tragedy if I can't race this season...and I think i've finally realized that.

It's funny that my last post I talked about still wanting to do the Death Race and then when registration opened on New Years Day and I thought more about it and sat down to potentially register...I started thinking that maybe I really didn't want to train for a 125km race this summer. I don't think I want my whole summer to be about training for races. Even if my knee/foot gets better and I can run tons, I think I just want to go out on running adventures like I did before...but not because I have to because there is a race coming up. Last year was an anomaly for me as I've never raced so much in a season. I basically just used all of those races to help train for Transrockies.

So i'm not signing up for any more races anytime soon until I feel like i'm an uninjured and pain free runner...and that I know I really really want to do a certain race. I've only signed up for one so far in July...the Powderface 42. Since i've qualified for the New York marathon which is next november, i'm pretty sure i'm going to do that one as well. New York would be a pretty sweet trip and I do love a fall marathon. So that's it for me at the moment. I'm surprisingly not bummed or unhappy that i'm injured and have to take time off...i've been doing lots of other things and having a blast. Currently i'm trying to work on my downhill skiing skillz which I severely hopefully i'll be able to join my boyfriend on some sweet backcountry skiing adventures in the future...

Here's what i'm definitely going to do this brother signed up for the Death Race on August 1st weekend so i'm going to be heading out to Grande Cache, Alberta and help crew him. I'm super pumped for him as he'll do awesome for sure. Kira, my mountainbiking superstar sister-in-law is doing the Transrockies Bike this summer which is freakin WICKED! That is a 7 day/stage race going from Fernie, BC to Canmore, AB...pretty much in my backyard! So i'll definitely be heading out to cheer her on somewhere along the way!

I don't intend to ignore my blog so no worries about that...I just might be blogging a lot about my non-running adventures!

Happy New Year!!


  1. Hey Deb, there is definitely more to life than running. Enjoy your non-running time. Your foot will come around. I'm barely running once per week right now and I'm registered for Death Race. Do I think it matters? Nope. I'll be there come August. Thanks for the kind words. Love you Big Bro.

  2. My non-running brother would also say "there is more to life than running'. With 2 injuries of my own this year and a weird foot at the moment, I too have realized that THERE REALLY IS MORE THAN least...I need to 'THINK' there is or I go crazy.

    Anywho, good luck with the foot. It will come around! It just goes to show us that we need to ACTUALLY take time off for things to heal. It sucks but its true!

  3. You gotta listen to your body- and by the sounds of it your mind is in the same place! I needed the same break from triathlon and reading about all your running adventures last year is one of the reasons I decided to make it an ultra year.
    Can't wait to read about your back country experiences- that stuff scares the crap outta this prairie girl!
    Hope to meet you at the Death Race :)

  4. Boohoo yes, but running without racing can be fun, too, or just hiking. I even enjoy running more now that I haven't really raced in over a year. Take your time, heal and enjoy yourself.

  5. Hang in there,You will come back stronger!!!Any plans for ironman yet????

  6. I'm sorry to hear about the foot and the knee issue, but focusing on other things such as cross-training and other sports (skiing) will be great for you. It will also give you a mental break from running so that when you start back up again, you will be completely refreshed and ready to go again! It sounds like you have some fun stuff planned out already!

  7. Steve - maybe I should only run seasonally like you...seems to work for you..hmmm...

    Nicola - yup, i'm finally realizing I shouldn't be so obsessed with running and there's definitely room in my life for lots of other fun things :) I'm sure i'll be up and running again in no time! Hopefully everything is going well with your foot?

    AD - I'm pumped for your ultras this season, you're gonna do awesome! I'll definitely see you out at the Death Race for sure!

    Stephanie - you're totally right...i went through a long time of just running and not racing...loved that too!

    Cam - nope, sorry, don't know where my desire for ironman went...i wonder if it's lost for good? Will be out at Golden skiing from Feb 11-14...maybe i'll see ya out there :) If I can run, maybe you can take me on a trail run somewhere!

    Lisa - thanks...I think I definitely need the mental break as well...congrats with your Vegas marathon by the way...that one is on my list sometime in the future!!