Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Training Weekend!

What a great weekend of training for Transrockies! I managed to get 3 good days in...I'm feeling pretty great and thinking I could do another good one tonight but I'm going to take the day off instead. I have some plantar fasciitis acting up again but nothing major....just feeling like I need a day off and then get some more good runs in the rest of the week. Unfortunately there won't be any mountain running this weekend as I'm off to Vancouver Island on saturday for a work "team building" trip for 5 days. How fab is that?! I'm still going to be doing lots of running however, don't you worry about that :) Not a bad way to start my taper though!!

Saturday I teamed up with Alan and Mark for a 3okm run from Upper Kananaskis Lake to Turbine Canyon. It was a beautiful day! It's a bit of a drive so we didn't end up getting started till about 9:45. By then it was already warming up pretty quick and was 30C by the time we were finished. Here are some pics the guys took along the way :)

Jumping Turbine Canyon! Doesn't look like much here...but check out the next couple of pics to see what I jumped over :)

Overlooking Turbine Canyon...it's a long way down!

Following this run was a nice little dip in the lake, a mini tailgate in the parking lot with some food we brought along...then stopped at the store out there for some chocolate milk for recovery, and a "single" scoop of ice cream...which apparently means 3 scoops (but i'm not complaining!) before driving back to Calgary...

Sunday was another hot one and I had a bit of a lighter day with only 20km but it was on Moose Mountain so definitely a good workout! That night an insane cold front blew into Calgary with the craziest thunder and lightening storm I've ever witnessed. It woke me up about an hour after I had fallen asleep and lasted for a good hour. I had the window open because my house was a sauna but the wind blew over my lamp and slammed my bedroom door. I was a little worried one of the trees out there was going to slam through my bedroom window. I got up looking for Logan, opened the bedroom door and he was just standing there looking freaked! Poor guy! I let him come on the bed after that!

Monday was a holiday here for us so I had planned on a pretty big run. I woke up to a cool day...around 12C I think for most of the day and got 35km in on some trails around Calgary. Damn I forgot how much I love to run in cooler weather...I felt like a star! I was super happy though that my legs felt in great shape and ready to go after my 2 previous days. That's a relief...but I still can't get over the fact that i've got 6 days in a row to do at Transrockies....I'm excited though! Bring. It. On.


  1. Good for you, Deb! Make sure to take care of the PF, and take the days off especially if it's sore. You got the miles in for T.R, so you'll be fine if you need to ease off. Go, you!

  2. Those pictures are GORGEOUS! No wonder all you trail running freaks love it so much. That, um, 'fall' is pretty nuts. I guess you just move forward and don't look down?

  3. Those photos are beautiful! What a wonderful place to spend a weekend.

  4. You've got guts! Not sure if I'd do this jump.

  5. Love the pictures! So pretty! I can't wait to hear about TR.

  6. Wow, Deb, those pics are awesome! Great job on getting your training in. You are definitely prepared and ready to rock it at TransRockies with all the mountain trail running you've been doing! Looking forward to meeting you there in less than 3 weeks now!