Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Is it taper time yet?

Whoa...3 weeks from today I leave for Colorado. That's sick. Where did all of my training time go...it's almost time for a taper of some sorts...nuts! I'm getting pretty excited but still feel like I have lots of training left to do. Training is going really well but i'm starting to feel a little out of my league with my brother as a partner...damn guy is a machine and keeps pumping out these sick days of running. I really hope I can keep up!! I am getting pretty tired though and am definitely looking forward to the taper. I'm also getting more and more mentally exhausted and it feels like i'm turning into a bit of a dumb ass as a result....especially on mondays after a long weekend of training...some of the stuff I do on monday blows my mind. Dumb. Ass.

I'm also starting to go a little crazy doing so many long runs by myself and am trying to hit up anyone I can find to go on some long trail runs with me! Things are looking up for this weekend as I think i've found people to run with for at least 1 of my 3 long days. I have to admit that after this ridiculous summer, getting back to training for a normal marathon again is starting to look better and better. I mean don't get me wrong...it's still tough and hard but training for this multi day mountain stuff is a bit intense. I look forward to a bit of a "break" after this summer and getting back to my one long run a week (not multiple) as I train for the Okanagan marathon in October and Boston again next year (oh and Vegas? maybe in December).

Last night I was feeling pretty decent when I got home so decided to go on a 20km trail run. There's not many places you can do this in Calgary so I decided to run through the Douglas Fir trail 4 times....it's close to my house and it has some hills and lots of stairs. It was tough but I felt pretty good. At about the halfway point I was running down a hill and this wasp flies into my hand and gets stuck under the strap of my handheld water bottle. I didn't realize it had happened until I started to feel pain and then more pain...and had to rip the bottle off my hand to get it outta there. It stung me right between the fingers and my hand is actually sore and a little fat in that spot today. I'm glad nobody was around as I let off a few choice words! Ok, yeah if you know me then maybe more than just a few. What?...it hurt damn it! Good thing i'm not allergic or that could have been an interesting turn of events for my evening :)

Anyhow, aside from that...things are good, training is good, life is good. I'm a happy girl :)


  1. I know that feeling when you run too much and it's all you do in your free time. After a while you feel like an uncultivated idiot who needs to go to a museum asap!

  2. Deb,

    I can't believe it's almost here...like you mentioned, I feel like I have a lot of training to do. You've been doing great with your training! I've really enjoyed reading about it and races you've run along the way.

    Living in Chicago, I feel grossly unprepared for mountain trails, so our goal is to finish before sunset each day. ;-) Guess we'll be maximizing our time on those beautiful trails, LOL!

    It's so funny that you mention training for a marathon as taking a "break" - I feel the same way! I "only" have the Chicago Marathon in October, my first 50k two weeks later, then pacing my bf at the Javelina Jundred (100mi) after that. 8-) I must admit though, especially after the last couple of weeks, I also feel empowered knowing my body can actually hold up pretty well doing double and triple long runs -- single long runs are no biggie now! :-)

    I hope your hand is getting better, and have a wonderful weekend of long runs. Then tapernuttiness begins in full force! 8-P


  3. You are going to have a blast at Transrockies! I love that you're running with your brother. Also, WOW on your fast Boston time. Unreal!