Friday, February 28, 2014

In like a Lion?

Last day of February...and one of the coldest days/weekends of the year ahead. But isn't there a saying that if March comes in like a lion, it'll go out like a lamb or something along those lines? Well tomorrow is March 1st and this is the forecast here in Calgary Mainly sunny. Wind up to 15 km/h. High minus 26. Extreme wind chill minus 44.

I always like to think, at least it's sunny here when we have temps like this. I read somewhere that Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada...phew, I knew I lived here for a reason right? It averages 333 sunny days a year. If you're not obsessed with the weather channel like I am, you might wake up thinking, wow Calgary, it's a beautiful day out there! Then open the door and get punched in the face by Old Man Winter.

If I wasn't a runner, if I didn't love the mountains, if I didn't care about being outdoors...then it wouldn't be such a big deal now would it. I'd just hibernate. People have already started asking me if i'm hunkering down this weekend and just staying inside. I laugh, oh yeah definitely. But I really hope that is not the case - I crave the weekends after long weeks of work. Come Monday morning I already start planning where I want to run or hike the following weekend. So while tomorrow I think I might just stay inside and make dear friends with my treadmill for a few hours...Sunday I vow to get the hell out there. It looks slightly better of the two days so I'll be happy if I get one beautiful day out in the mountains!

In other news, check out page 85 of Canadian Running magazine and you will get to see my lovely face grinning back at you. Unfortunately it's not for any running achievement and will likely be the only time you see my face in a magazine again :) I was lucky enough to join my friend Alan and Mark on a beautiful trail run in Kananaskis about 5 years ago - Turbine Canyon was it's name.

Yes, I took a picture of myself in a magazine...

Anyway, they were looking for pictures for an article on the Turbine Canyon trail run and these were submitted. Pretty cool.

Here's a couple of more pics from that awesome run.

Jumping Turbine Canyon

Standing atop, looking down into the Canyon

Running has been going pretty well lately and i've been getting in some solid workouts - mostly on the treadmill except for the weekends but i've been making the best of them and doing some great speed and hill workouts on there. Last weekend was cold (what a surprise) but did get out on Saturday for a boring 32km run around Calgary that quickly turned miserable as the sun disappeared after only 10km and it got cloudy, colder and windier. I was so angry by the end, it was hilarious. Once home, I immediately sat in the hottest bath I could handle for about an hour trying to warm up. But hey, I guess it was a good mental training day if anything!

Sunday was around -20 but a beautiful sunny day (surprise surprise) so I decided to just head out to Banff for a quick trip up Sulphur Mountain. I was hurting as it always kicks my ass but it was a great training run for sure. And just as I got to the top, I caught up with my friend Leslie and Mike who live in Banff! I haven't seen her in a long time and was awesome to catch up as we bombed back down the trail. I like running into friends on the trails (pun intended!). I definitely spend too much time running alone!

Ok wish me luck on this frigid 1st weekend of March ahead!


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  1. So cool your photo was featured in Canadian Running! Hope you survive the cold temps this weekend - why do we live in Alberta again?!?! Oh yeah - so we can live close enough to take, as you say a "quick trip up Sulphur"!