Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snowy Spring Weekend

Springtime in Calgary is ridiculous...i don't know why after almost 5 years of living here I still get surprised by our weather. April tends to go like this...warm temps of 5-10 degrees C and snow melting all week long. The weekend comes and BAM...snowstorm. I remember a couple of years ago when training for a marathon we had 3 weekends in a row of snowstorms in April.

This past weekend the snow began around 10pm on friday night. We were supposed to go backcountry skiing on the weekend but when we woke up on saturday morning at 5am I decided there was no way i was driving on the highways in it. I'm sure if I hadn't said anything the others would have gone anyway but when we checked the road reports and the roads were red and described as treacherous for don't be a dumbass and drive on this....i'm pretty sure everyone realized that i made a good call (whether they wanted to admit it or not!!).

After hibernating for the morning and mid-afternoon while it puked snow all day long, i finally decided to strap on my snowshoes and take Logan out on a big walk. It's fun to watch him play in the snow. He loves it! I wish I had a before and after shot but just picture all of these photos with no snow in them and that's what it was like the day before when i walked along there. I would say we got about 30 cm that day.

Snowy Downtown Calgary

On Sunday we decided on a day at the hill and were off to ski at Sunshine in Banff. It was a beauiful warm sunny day with lots of pow to test out my new touring skis. Check em out...

My beautiful Icelantic Shamans...love them!

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  1. Albert the Ice Road Trucker drove us out to K-country for a 'trail' run that Saturday...we ended up not on the trails in seemingly 3 feet of snow but on the roads up and down to Nakiska. It was a slog. You were wise to stay home, plenty of peeps in the ditch that day.