Monday, March 7, 2011

March Madness

Oops. Somehow February flew by and I only blogged once during that month. I can't believe it's March already! Come on Spring! As running continues to go well for me i'm getting more and more excited for Spring and Summer. It's gonna be awesome! Yesterday I ran my longest run in....well...probably since i got injured 16 months ago! I ran 20 km! It was glorious! :D

Actually, while i was running it didn't feel that way...after an hour went by it started to feel long and my legs started to get tighter and more and more stiff. Remember when 20km used to be a nice "short" run? Ah...can't wait for those days again! Part of the reason i found it hard was likely the fact that i added some serious hillage to it throughout. Gotta work on those hills so I don't suck out in the mountains!

Skiing has been fun too...a week ago we were at WhiteFish in Montana for a little ski trip...what a great place! It was my first time skiing there and it was awesome! I almost didn't get to go as I realized the morning of the trip that I needed a passport...and when i went to go look for it...i couldn't find it!! I tore the house apart for a good 1.5 hours until I gave up and went to work. It has always been in the same place but when i moved a few months ago it got thrown in a random backpack...glad i eventually found it when i got home from work!!

This weekend we're off to Fernie for 3 days for some more great skiing...they've been getting tons of snow! Hopefully i'll have some pictures after this trip...i've been
sooo lazy on ski trips with my camera. I do like to take pics of me and Logan though :)

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  1. Logan is cool!!!Makes me miss my dogs:(
    Give me a shout if you are out my way skiing???